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SCHEDULE 1. - ANIMAL AND VEGETABLE PRODUCTS Part 10. - Sugar; Cocoa; Confectionery

57 Rates of Duty


156.50 156.55

Confectioners' coatings and other products (except confectionery) containing by weight not less than 6.8 percent non-fat solids of the cocoa bean nib and not less than 15 percent of vegetable fats other than cocoa butter Cocoa cake not suitable for reduction to cocoa powder, and other residues from the processing of cocoa beans: Cocoa bean shells Other

355^ ad val.

Free k% ad val.

Free 1 0 ^ ad val.

lifi^ ad val. 105^ ad val. (s)

40^ ad val.

Subpart C- - Confectionery Subpart C headnotes: 1. If chocolate, candy, cakes, glac/ fruits or nuts, or other confections are mixed or packed together, they shall be treated as a tariff entirety subject to the highest rate of duty applicable to any product In the assortment, 2, The term "eonfeet ionery", as used In this subpart, covers confections or sweetmeats ready for consumption. This subpart does not cover all confectionery (see subpart B of this part, part 9 of schedule I, and subpart B of part 15 of schedule I for other provisions covering confectionery).

157.10 157.11

Candy, and other confectionery, not specially provided for If products of Cuba

(s) = Suspended.

See general headnote 3 (b).