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[78 STAT. 1365]
[78 STAT. 1365]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1964



Page Commodity Exchange Act, appropriation Fai^« Concurrent Resolutions—Continued Con gress—C ontinued for effecting provisions 869 Enrolled bills, signing after adjournCommodity Exchange Authority, approment 1210, 1215, 1218 priation for 869 Joint session to receive Presidential Communicable Disease Activities, approcommunication 1205 priation for 968 Enrolled bills, correction— Communications Act of 1934: District of Columbia Judges RetireAmendments— ment Act of 1964 (H.R. 5871).. 1218 Amateur radio operators, authorizaMerchant Marine Act, 1936, amendtion for alien to operate station._ 202 ment (H.R. 10053) 1210 Micronesian radio operators, licensScott, Earnest O., relief (H.R. 6593). 1217 ing 602 Father Eusebio Francisco Kino statue; Radio licenses, filing of petitions of acceptance from Arizona, placeintervention; non broadcasting ment in Capitol rotunda, printing operations, temporary authoriof proceedings 1211, 1212 zation 193, 194 Inauguration, joint committee for arAppropriation for eflfecting provisions.. 978 rangements 1207 Communism: King Paul of Greece, death of, expresCommunist controlled countries, restriction of sympathy 1205 tion on assistance to 1013, Mac Arthur, Gen. Douglas, remains to 1018, 1022, 1036 lie in state in Capitol rotunda; "World Communist Movement—Selecfloral wreaths, purchase 1206 tive Chronology, 1818-1957, VolNew York World's Fair, oflScial recogniume 2, 1946-1950; and Volume 3, tion and welcome to 1208 1951-1953", printing as House Norwegian Constitution, one hundred document, additional copies 1214 and fiftieth anniversary, congresCommunist Chinese Government: sional greetings 1209 Congressional statement opposing Publications, printing of additional United Nations membership 716, 1017 copies— Trade independence from, promotion... 1037 Atomic Energy Commission authorCommunity Health Program: izing legislation, 1965, hearings.- 1209 Centers, appropriation for 972 "Catalog of Federal Aids to State and Practice and research, appropriation Local Governments" 1211, 1217 for 968 "Compilation of Works of Art and Community Relations Service: Other Objects in the United Appropriation for 1032 States Capitol" 1214 Establishment, functions, reports 267 Constitution of the United States and "Compilation of Works of Art and Other Declaration of Independence 1207 Objects in the United States Capitol", "Exploring the Dimensions of the printing as House document, addiManpower Revolution" and tional copies 1214 "Convertibility of Space and DeComptroller General: fense Resources to Civilian Architect of the Capitol, audits of, reNeeds: A Search for New Emport to Congress 551 ployment Potentials" 1211 Compensation 415 "The Federal Reserve System After Federal home loan banks. Federal Fifty Years" 1212, 1214 Savings and Loan Insurance Corpo"Immigration Hearings Before Subration, calendar year audits 698 committee No. 1 of the ComConcurrent Resolutions: mittee on the Judiciary, House Aliens— of Representatives" 1217 Deportation suspensions 1215, 1216 Interagency coordination in environWithdrawal 1215 mental hazards (pesticides), Permanent residence status 1216 hearings 1211 Bourbon whiskey, recognition as disInternational Congress on Education tinctive product of the United of the Deaf and Convention of States 1208 American Instructors of the Deaf, Congress— proceedings 1217 Adjournment 1206, 1210, 1215 Kennedy, John F., tributes to; inAdjournment, sine die 1218 augural address 1205, 1207