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[78 STAT. 1417]
[78 STAT. 1417]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1964

SUBJECT INDEX Vouchers, statistical sampling procedures in Government d e part m e n t s and agencies


Page 700


Welfare Administration—Continued Page Public assistance, appropriation for grants to States 975 R e p a t r i a t e d United States nationals, appropriation for assistance 975 Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 961 Wheat: Acreage allotments; marketing allocation program, etc 178-183 International W h e a t Agreement Act of 1949, appropriation for effecting provisions 875 White Cane Safety Day, designation; proclamation authorization 1003 White House Police: Appropriation for 371 Sick leave benefits 582 Whitestone Coulee Unit, Chief Joseph Dam Project, Wash., construction 955 Wilderness Act 890 Wildlife. See Fish and Wildlife Service. Wildlife Refuge System, National, participation by counties in revenues 701 Wines: Cellar t r e a t m e n t, use of fruit-flavored concentrates 1085 Excise tax rate, extension 237 Wisconsin: Ice Age National Scientific Reserve, establishment 1087 Menominee County, appropriation for educational grants 275 Witnesses, appropriation for fees 717 Women Voters Week, 1964, proclamation. 1244 Women's Bureau, Department of Labor, appropriation for 962 Woodrow Wilson House, District of Columbia, taxation exemption 581 Wools, duty-free importation 226 World Trade Week, 1964, proclamation.. 1243 Wyoming: Eden Valley Irrigation and Drainage District, deferment of certain charges 170 Medicine Bow National Forest, jurisdiction over land 611 Riverton Federal reclamation project— Increased appropriation a u t h o r i z e d.. 853 Purchase of lands; water delivery; reports to Congress 156 Savery-Pot Hook Federal reclamation project, construction, etc 852

Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor, appropriation for 962 War Claims Act of 1948, appropriation for effecting provisions 963 War Risk Insurance, subsidized vessels. __ 587 Warsaw Uprising Day, proclamation 1255 Washington: Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, distribution of judgm e n t funds 755 Hanford atomic energy project— Disposal of property, authorization.. 376 Land exchange 766 Kalispel Tribe of Indians, disposition of j u d g m e n t funds 387 Whitestone Coulee unit, Chief Joseph D a m project, construction 955 Y a k i m a Indian Reservation, land additions, etc 747 Washington National Airport, appropriation for 645 Water: Land and Water Conservation F u n d Act of 1965 897 Pecos River Basin, N. Mex.-Tex., reduction of nonbeneficial consumptive use of 942 Wilderness Act, prospecting for resources; reservoirs, etc 895 Water Pollution Control Act, Federal, appropriation for effecting provisions 971 Water Resources Research, Office of, appropriation for 1027 Water Resources Research Act of 1964.. _ 329 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 1027 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 866 Weather Bureau, appropriation for.. L 723 Welfare Administration: Aging, Office of, appropriation for 976 Appropriation for 210, 975 Children's Bureau, appropriation for__ 10, 976 Commissioner, Office of the, appropriation for 976 Cooperative research, appropriation for. 976 Family Services, Bureau of, appropriation for 975 Juvenile delinquency and y o u t h offenses, appropriation for control 976 Yakima Indian Reservation, Wash., land M a t e r n a l and child welfare, appropriation for 975 additions, etc