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[78 STAT. 488]
[78 STAT. 488]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1964

488 P r e s i d e n t i a l report to C o n g r e s s.

PUBLIC LAW 88-448-AUG. 19, 1964

[78 STAT.

SEC. 205. The President shall transmit to the Congress on or before January 1, 1966, a comprehensive report of the operations under this title of the departments and agencies in the executive branch. TITLE III — L I M I T A T I O N ON D U A L C O M P E N S A T I O N FKOM MORE THAN ONE CIVILIAN OFFICE

Restrictions, exceptions.


SEC. 301. (a) Except as provided by subsections (b), (c), (d), and (e) of this section, civilian personnel shall not be entitled to receive basic compensation from more than one civilian office for more than an aggregate of forty hours of work in any one calendar week (Sunday through Saturday). (b) Except as otherwise provided by subsection (c) of this section, the United States Civil Service Commission, subject to the supervision and control of the President^ is authorized to prescribe and issue regulations under which exceptions may be made to the restrictions in subsection (a) of this section whenever it is determined by appropriate authority that such exceptions are warranted on the ground that personal services otherwise cannot be readily obtained. (c) Unless otherwise authorized by law, no money appropriated by any Act shall be available for payment to any person of salary from more than one civilian office if the aggregate amount of the basic compensation from such offices exceeds the sum of $2,000 per annum, and if (1) one of such salaries is disbursed by the Secretary of the Senate or the Clerk of the House of Representatives or (2) one of such offices is under the Office of the Architect of the Capitol. (d) Subsection (a) of this section does not apply to— (1) compensation on a when-actually-employed basis received from more than one consultant or expert position if such compensation is not received for the same nours of the same day | (2) compensation consisting of fees paid on other than a time basis; (3) compensation received by teachers of the public schools of the District of Columbia for employment in a civilian office during the summer vacation period; (4) compensation paid by the Tennessee Valley Authority to employees performing part-time or intermittent work in addition to their normal duties when the Authority deems it to be in the interest of efficiency and economy; (5) compensation received by any person holding an office or position the compensation for which is disbursed by the Secretary of the Senate or the Clerk of the House of Representatives or any office or position under the Architect of the Capitol; (6) compensation paid by the United States Coast Guard to employees occupying part-time positions of lamplighters; and (7) compensation within the purview of any of the following provisions of law: (A) section 9 of the Act of October 6, 1917 (40 Stat. 384; D.C. Code, sec. 31-631), relating to teachers m the public schools of the District of Columbia who also are employed in night schools and vacation schools; (B) section 6 of the Act of March 3, 1925 (43 Stat. 1108), as amended by the Act of January 27, 1926 (44 Stat. 2),