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[78 STAT. 617]
[78 STAT. 617]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1964

78 STAT. ]


SEC. 6. (a) The membership of the Conference meeting in plenary session shall constitute the Assembly of the Conference. The Assembly shall have ultimate authority over all activities of the Conference. Specifically, it shall have power to (1) adopt such recommendations as it deems appropriate for improving administrative procedure: Provided, That any member or members who disagree v»^ith a recom- ^ ^^"^"""^ mendation adopted by the Assembly shall be accorded the privilege of entering dissenting opinions and alternative proposals in the record of Con^rence proceedings, and the opinions and proposals so entered shall accompany the Conference recommendation in any publication or distribution thereof; and (2) adopt bylaws and regulations not inconsistent with this Act for carrying out the functions of the Conference, including the creation of such committees as it deems necessary for the conduct of studies and the development of recommendations for consideration by the Assembly. (b) The Conference shall include a Council composed of the Chair- Council. man of the Conference, who shall be the Chairman of the Council, and ten other members appointed by the President, of whom not more than one-half shall be officials or personnel of Federal regulatory agencies or executive departments. Members other than the Chairman shall be appointed for three-year terms, except that the Council members initially appointed shall serve for one, two, or three years, as designated iJy the President: Provided, That (1) the service of any member shall terminate whenever a change in his employment status would make him ineligible for Council membership under the conditions of his original appointment, and (2) except as provided in item (1), above, any member whose term has expired may continue to serve until a successor is appointed. The Council shall have power to (1) determine the time and place of plenary sessions of the Conference and the agenda for such meetings and it shall call at least one plenary session each year; (2) propose bylaws and regulations, including rules of procedure and committee organization, for adoption by the Assembly; (3) make recommendations to the Conference or its committees upon any subject germane to the purposes of the Conference; (4) receive and consider reports and recommendations of committees of the Conference and transmit them to members of the Conference with the views and recommendations of the Council; (5) designate a member of the Council to preside at meetings of the Council in the absence or incapacity of the Chairman and Vice Chairman; (6) designate such additional officers of the Conference as it may deem desirable; (7) approve or revise the Chairman's budgetary proposals; and (8) exercise such other powders as may be delegated to it by the Assembly. (c) The Chairman shall be the chief executive of the Conference. I n that capacity he shall have power to (1) make inquiries into matters he deems important for Conference consideration, including matters proposed by persons inside or outside the Federal Government; (2) be the official spokesman for the Conference in relations with the several branches and agencies of the Federal Government and with interested organizations and individuals outside the Government, including responsibility for encouraging Federal agencies to effectuate the recommendations of the Conference; (3) request agency heads to provide information needed by the Conference, which information shall be supplied to the extent permitted by law; (4) recommend to the Council appropriate subjects for action by the Conference; (5) appoint, with the approval of the Council, members of committees authorized by the bylaws and regulations of the Conference; (6) pre-