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[78 STAT. 733]
[78 STAT. 733]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1964

78 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 88-527-AUG. 31, 1%4



For necessary expenses of the Tariff C(Mnmission, including subscriptions to newspapers (not to exceed $300), not to exceed $70,000 for expenses of travel, and services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a), at rates not to exceed $75 ^o Stat. sio. per diem for individuals, $3,250,000: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be used to pay the salary of any member of the Tariff Commission who shall hereafter participate in any proceedings under sections 336, 337, and 338 of the Tariff Act of 1930, \l ^tau m ^ wherein he or any member of his family has any special, direct, and 1333. pecuniary interest, or in which he has acted as attorney or special representative: Provided further, That no part of the foregoing appropriation shall be used for making any special study, investigation, or report at the request of any other agency of the executive branch of the Government unless reimbursement is made for the cost thereof. UNITED STATES ARMS CONTROL AND DISARMAMENT AGENCY ARMS CONTROL AND DISARMAMENT ACTIVITIES

For necessary expenses, not otherwise provided for, for arms control and disarmament activities authorized by the Act of September 26, 1961, as amended (75 Stat. 631; 77 Stat. 341), $9,000,000. J^l^^^




For expenses necessary to enable the United States Information 642. Agency, as authorized by Reorganization Plan No. 8 of 1953, the 67uStat. 133Z-15 5 se Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act (.75 Stat. 527), and note the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act, as ^^^l^^^^ ^^^^^ amended (22 U.S.C. 1431 et seq.), to carrj^ out international infor- "°62 Stat. e; mation activities, including employment, without regard to the civil 75 Stat. 538. service and classification laws, of (1) persons on a temporary basis ^not to exceed $20,000), (2) aliens within the United States, and (3) aliens abroad for service in the United States relating to the translation or narration of colloquial speech in foreign languages (such aliens to be investigated for such employment in accordance with procedures established by the Secretary of State and the Attorney General); travel expenses of aliens employed abroad for service in the United States and their dependents to and from the United States; salaries, expenses, and allowances of personnel and dependents as authorized by the Foreign Service Act of 1946, as amended (22 U.S.C. 801-1158); entertainment within the United States not to y/staJ.^^ssT!^' exceed $500; hire of passenger motor vehicles; insurance on official motor vehicles in foreign countries; services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a); payment of tort ^o Stat. sio. claims, in the manner authorized in the first paragraph of section 2672, as amended, of title 28 of the United States Code when such claims j^^tau'^iu arise in foreign countries; advance of funds notwithstanding section 3648 of the Revised Statutes, as amended; dues for library member- ^^ "^^ ^^9. ship in organizations which issue publications to members only, or to members at a price lower than to others; employment of aliens, by contract, for service abroad; purchase of ice and drinking water abroad; payment of excise taxes on negotiable instruments abroad; purchase of uniforms for not to exceed six guards; actual expenses