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[78 STAT. 954]
[78 STAT. 954]
PUBLIC LAW 88-000—MMMM. DD, 1964


PUBLIC LAW 88-598-SEPT. 18, 1964

D. C. Code 32414.

62 Stat. 5 4 9. D. C. Code 32401a.

[78 STAT.

action taken prior to the date of the enactment of this Act pursuant to any of the aforementioned subsections repealed by this subsection. (f) The last sentence of section 1 of the Act of February 23, 1905 (33 Stat. 740), as amended (D.C. Code, sec. 21-307), is hereby repealed. (g) The Act of March 3, 1927 (44 Stat. 1383; D.C. Code, sec. 2 1 302), is hereby repealed. (h) Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Act of June 22, 1948 (62 Stat. 572), as amended (D.C. Code, sec. 32-412-413), are hereby repealed. (i) The two provisos in the fifth paragraph under the heading "Public Welfare" in the District of Columbia Appropriations Act, 1949, are hereby repealed. C O N T I N U A N C E OF COMMISSION ON M E N T A L H E A L T H

SEC. 20. The Commission on Mental Health to which reference is made in section 3 of this Act is the Commission established by the Act of June 8, 1938 (52 Stat. 625), as amended. Nothing contained in any amendment made by this Act shall be construed to affect or impair the existence of the Commission so established, or to alter the pay or the terms of office of the members of such Commission serving as such on the day preceding the date of enactment of this Act. Approved September 15, 1964. Public Law 88-598 September 18, 1964

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Crooked River Federal reclamation project, Greg.




To amend the Act authorizing the Crooked River Federal reclamation project to provide for the irrigation of additional lands.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the first section of the Act entitled "An Act to authorize construction by the Secretary of the Interior of the Crooked River Federal reclamation project, Oregon", approved August 6, 1956 (70 Stat. 1058), as amended, is amended by inserting immediately before the period at the end of the first sentence of such section the following: "and the Crooked River project extension, together referred to hereafter as the project. The principal new works for the project extension shall include six pumping plants, canals, and related distribution and drainage facilities". SEC. 2. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated for construction of the new works involved in the Crooked River project extension $1,132,000, plus or minus such amounts, if any, as may be required by reason of changes in the cost of construction work of the types involved therein as shown by engineering cost indexes and, in addition thereto, such sums as may be required to operate and maintain said extension. SEC. 3. Supplemental power and energy required for irrigation water pumping for the project shall be made available by the Secretary of the Interior from the Federal Columbia River power system at charges determined by him. Approved September 18, 1964.