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[79 STAT. 1663]
[79 STAT. 1663]
PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1965

SUBJECT INDEX National Parks, Monuments, Seashores, Etc.—Continued Alibates Flint Quarries and Texas P a n handle Pueblo Culture National Monument, establishment Assateague Island National Seashore, Md.-Va., establishment Fire Island National Seashore, N.Y., additional lands Golden Spike National Historic Site, U t a h, establishment H e r b e r t Hoover National Historic Site, Iowa, establishment Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, Ariz., establishment Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Mo., increased appropriation authorization Jewel Cave National Monument, S. Dak., b o u n d a r y revision Kings Canyon National Park, Califi, additional lands Nez Perce National Historical Park, I d a h o, designation Pecos National Monument, N. Mex., establishment Roger Williams National Memorial, Providence, R. I., establishment - Statue of Liberty National Monument, N.Y., development of Ellis Island as part of Proclamation National Poison Prevention Week, 1965, proclamation National Safe Boating Week, 1965, proclamation National School Lunch Act, appropriation for effecting provisions ^ National School Lunch Week, 1965, proclamation National Science Foundation: Appropriation for Director, membership on Federal Council on the Arts and the HumanitiesNational Science Foundation Act of 1950: Appropriation for effecting provisions-. Divisional committees, abolition of functions National Security Council, appropriation for '_ National Security Staffing and Operations, Senate Subcommittee on, printing of additional copies of hearings National Teacher Corps, establishment. _ _ National Technical Institute for the Deaf Act Appropriation for effecting provisions- _ Establishment of Institute National Vocational Student Loan Insurance Act of 1965


Page National Wool Act of 1954, Amendments, Page extension; price support level adjustment 1188 National Zoological Park, appropriation 587 for 190, 238 Navigation, Permanent International Com824 mission of the Congresses of, increased funds, authorization 1094 967 Navy, Department of the. /See also Armed Forces; Defense, Department of. 426 Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, procurem e n t; research and development—• Appropriation authorization 127 510 Appropriation for 869 584 Appropriation for 863 Claims— Admiralty, s t a t u to r y limitation on 991 settlement, increase 212 Personal property, loss of, increase of 971 authority for settlement 789 Deceased, unused leave, payment to 446 survivors 586 Dependents— 110 Deceased, transportation of r e m a i n s. 585 Evacuation allowances, authorization 116 195 Language training for 615 1069 Patients outside United States, transportation 579 Disbursements to armed forces of friendly nations, authorization 989 543 Foreign decorations, acceptance 982 1490 L and conveyances— Little Rock, Ark 819 1470 Norfolk, Va 677 1485 Medical and dental care from another military department, elimination of reimbursement requirement 989 1171 Military Construction Appropriation 1504 Act, 1966 835 Military Construction Authorization 535 Act, 1966 793 Military personnel, appropriation for-_ 863 851 Naval vessels, loan to friendly foreign nations 1214 535 Operation and maintenance, appropriation for 865 1323 P a y and allowances— Early payday, authorization 823 202 Incentive p a y — Aircraft carrier flight operations 585 Submarine operational command 1433 staff operations 1011 1255 Procurement, appropriation for 869, 870 Reports to Committees on Armed 125 Services, construction costs, etc 803 834 Reports to Congress, certain, elimina125 tion 1311 Research and development, appropria1037 tion for 871