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[79 STAT. 1675]
[79 STAT. 1675]
PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1965

SUBJECT Schools and Colleges—Continued Page Libraries—Continued Medical Library Assistance Act of 1965 1059 Low-income families, assistance to local educational agencies for 27 National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act of 1965 845 Appropriation for effecting provisions 1140 National Vocational Student Loan Insurance Act of 1965 1037 Okaloosa-Walton Junior College, Fla., land conveyance to 678 School construction assistance in major disaster areas 1158 School districts, appropriation for payments 594 School lunch program, appropriation for 1171 State Technical Services Act of 1965, _679 Appropriation for effecting provisions 1150 S t u d e n t assistance, educational opport u n i t y grants 1232 Supplementary educational centers, grants 39 Teacher training institutes, grants 855 University of Alaska, disposition of certain lands, waiver of limitations 896 University of California, marine biological research laboratory, land reconveyance provision 1124 University of M a r y l and campus, land conveyance 899 University of Texas, L y n d o n Baines Johnson Presidential Archival Depository, authorization 648 University of Washington, facilities for International Pacific H a l i b u t Commission, authorization 902 Science and Technology, Office of, appropriation for 521 Scientific Unions and Associated Unions, International Council of, increase of United States contributions 427 Second Liberty Bond Act, public debt limit, temporary increase 172 Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1965 81 Secret Service, United States: Agents to m a k e arrests, authorization - 890 Appropriation for 92, 199 Former Presidents and dependents, protection 791 Secret Service Week, United States, proclamation 1494 Securities Act of 1933, Amendment, regist r a t i o n fee, increase 1051



Securities and Exchange Commission: Page Appropriation for 107, 535 Domestic securities, registration fee increase 1051 S e e the United StatesThrough 1966: Extension of program; proclamation authorization 910 Proclamation 1508 Select Commission on Western Hemisphere Immigration, establishment - 920 Selective Service System, appropriation for 107, 535 Senate. See also Congress; Legislative Branch of the Government. Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Committee on, report by National Aeronautics and Space Administration on research funds 193, 194 Agriculture and Forestry, Committee on, reports by Department of Agriculture— Forest Service employees' property, rental costs 991 Tobacco, acreage-poundage marketing program 72 Appointments with advice and consent of. See Appointments by, with advice and consent of Senate under President of the United States. Appropriation for 89, 97, 265, 1146 Appropriations, Committee on, reports

toAtomic Energy Commission, transfer of funds 1107 Attorney General, alien property activities 626 Defense, Department of__ 869, 875, 877, 879 Foreign assistance funds, use 1003 Foreign procurement 1004 President of the United States— Economic assistance to Communist countries and countries aiding Cuba and North Vietnam 1004, 1005 United Arab Republic, aid to 662 Armed Services, Committee on, reports

toAir Force, Department of the, construction costs, etc Army, Department of the, construction costs, etc Defense, Department of, construction costs, etc 811, 814, Navy, Department of the, construe^ tion costs, etc Banking and Currency, Committee on, membership on Joint Commission on the Coinage Contingent expenses, appropriation for.

809 796 818 803

258 89