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PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1965

79 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 89-4-MAR. 9, 1965

(5) make arrangements, including contracts, with any participating State government for inclusion in a suitable retirement and employee benefit system of such of its personnel as may not be eligible for, or continue in, another governmental retirement or employee benefit system, or otherwise provide for such coverage of its personnel. The Civil Service Commission of the United States IS authorized to contract with the Commission for continued coverage of Commission employees, who at date of Commission employment are Federal employees, in the retirement program and other employee benefit programs of the Federal Government. (6) accept, use, and dispose of gifts or donations of services or property, real, personal, or mixed, tangible or intangible. (7) enter into and perform such contracts, leases, cooperative agreements, or other transactions as may be necessary in carrying out its functions and on such terms as it may deem appropriate, with any department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States or with any State, or any political subdivision, agency, or instrumentality thereof, or with any person, firm, association, or corporation. (8) maintain a temporary office in the District of Columbia and establish a permanent office at such a central and appropriate location as it may select and field offices at such other places as it may deem appropriate. (9) take such other actions and incur such other expenses as may be necessary or appropriate. INFORMATION

SEC. 107. I n order to obtain information needed to carry out its duties, the Commission shall— (1) hold such hearings, sit and act at such times and places, take such testimony, receive such evidence, and print or otherwise reproduce and distribute so much of its proceedings and reports thereon as it may deem advisable, a Cochairman of the Commission, or any member of the Commission designated by the Commission for the purpose, being hereby authorized to administer oaths when it is determined by the Commission that testimony shall be taken or evidence received under oath; (2) arrange for the head of any Federal, State, or local department or agency (who is hereby so authorized to the extent not otherwise prohibited by law) to furnish to the Commission such information as may be available to or procurable by such department or agency; and (3) keep accurate and complete records of its doings and transactions which shall be made available for public inspection, and for the purpose of audit and examination by the Comptroller General or his duly authorized representatives. PERSONAL



SEC. 108. (a) Except as permitted by subsection (b) hereof, no State member or alternate and no officer or employee of the Commission shall participate personally and substantially as member, alternate, officer, or employee, through decision, approval, disapproval, recommendation, the rendering of advice, investigation, or otherwise, in any proceeding, application, request for a ruling or other determination, contract, claim, controversy, or other particular matter in which, to his knowledge, he, his spouse, minor child, partner, organization (other than a State or political subdivision thereof) in 49-850 0-66—4