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PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1965

79 STAT.]

PUBLIC LAW 89-4-MAR. 9, 1965

with this Act, shall apply to the Appalachian development highway system, and the local access roads. (b) As soon as feasible, the Commission shall submit to the Secretary its recommendations with respect to (1) the general corridor location and termini of the development highways, (2) the designation of local access roads to be constructed, (3) priorities for construction of the local access roads and of the major segments of the development highways, and (4) other criteria for the program authorized by this section. Before any State member participates in or votes on such recommendations, he shall have obtained the recommendations of the State highway department of the State which he represents. (c) The Secretary shall have authority to approve in whole or in part such recommendations or to require modifications or revisions thereof. I n no event shall the Secretary approve any recommendations for any construction which would require for its completion the expenditure of Federal funds (other than funds available under title 23, United States Code) in excess of the appropriation authorizations in subsection (g). On its completion each development highway not already on the Federal-aid primary system shall be added to such system and shall be required to be maintained by the State. (d) In the construction of highways and roads authorized under this section, the States may give special preference to the use of mineral resource materials indigenous to the Appalachian region. (e) For the purposes of research and development in the use of coal and coal products in highway construction and maintenance, the Secretary is authorized to require each participating State, to the maximum extent possible, to use coal derivatives in the construction of not to exceed 10 per centum of the roads authorized under this Act. (f) Federal assistance to any construction project under this section shall not exceed 50 per centum of the costs of such project, unless the Secretary determines, pursuant to the recommendation of the Commission, that assistance in excess of such percentage is required in furtherance of the purposes of this Act, but in no event shall such Federal assistance exceed 70 per centum of such costs. (g) To carry out this section, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated $840,000,000.


Submission of recommendations.

Approval authority.

72 Stat. 885.

Use of coal derivatives.

Federal assistance, limitation.



SEC, 202, (a) In order to demonstrate the value of adequate health and medical facilities to the economic development of the region, the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare is authorized to make grants for the construction, equipment, and operation of multicounty demonstration health facilities, including hospitals, regional health diagnostic and treatment centers, and other facilities necessary to health. Grants for such construction (including initial equipment) shall be made in accordance with the applicable provisions of title VI of the Public Health Service Act (42 U,S,C. 291-291z) and the 78 Stat, 447, Mental Retardation Facilities and Community Mental Health Centers 42 Construction Act of 1963 (77 Stat, 282), without regard to any pro- note. u s e 2661 visions therein relating to appropriation authorization ceiling or to allotments among the States. Grants under this section shall be made solely out of funds specifically appropriated for the purpose of carrying out this Act and shall not be taken into account in the computation of the allotments among the States made pursuant to any other provision of law. (b) No grant under this section for construction (including initial equipment) shall exceed 80 per centum of the cost of the project. Not to exceed $41,000,000 of the funds authorized in section 401 shall be available for construction grants under this section.