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[79 STAT. 658]
[79 STAT. 658]
PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1965


PUBLIC LAW 89-171-SEPT. 6, 1965

22 USC 23/s"

7/statr*384^^' 22 USC 2319.

Reports to ongress. 77 Stat. 384; 78 Stat. 1012.

22 USC 2320.

[79 STAT.

(^) -Aj^^iid section 510(a), which relates to special authority, as follows: (1) I n the first sentence strike out "1965" and substitute "1966". (2) I n the second sentence, strike out "1965" and substitute "1966". v^) Jn^nd section 511, which relates to restrictions on military aid to Latin America, as follows: (1) I n subsection (a), strike out "a part may be used during each fiscal year for assistance in implementing a feasible plan for regional defense", and insert "$25,000,000 may be used for assistance on a costsharing basis to an inter-American military force under the control of the Organization of American States"; and amend the proviso to read as follows: ": Provided, That the cost of defense articles supplied for use by elements of the Inter-American Peace Force in the Dominican Republic shall not be charged against the $55,000,000 limitation provided by this subsection". (2) Amend subsection (b) to read as follows: "(b) To the maximum extent feasible, military assistance shall be furnished to American Republics in accordance with joint plans (including joint plans relating to internal security problems) approved \yy the Orgauization of American States. The President shall submit

?emiannual reports to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and

to the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate on the imp^'^mentation of this subsection." (\\ Amend section 512, which relates to restrictions on military aid ,

\ i.

J. n


" ^

to A i n c a, as lollows: (1) Strike out "programs described in section 505(b) of this chapter" and substitute "civic action requirements". (2) Strike out "1965" and substitute "1966". PART III C H A P T E R 1—GENERAL PROVISIONS

75 Stat. 440. 22 USC 2355.

SEC. 301. Chapter 1 of part III of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, which relates to general provisions, is amended as follows: (a) Amend section 605, which relates to retention and use of items, ^11

!is lollows: (1) In the section heading strike out


and substitute


fu?ds^"'°" °^ 2271. ^^ 22

use 2151-

(^) ^ ^ ^ *^® following new subsections: "(c) Funds realized as a result of any failure of a transaction financed under authority of part I of this Act to conform to the requirements of this Act, or to applicable rules and regulations of the United States Government, or to the terms of any agreement or contract entered into under authority of part I of this Act, shall revert to the respective appropriation, fund, or account used to finance such transaction or to the appropriation, fund, or account currently available tor the same general purpose. " (d) Funds realized by the United States Government from the sale, transfer, or disposal of defense articles returned to the United States Government by a recipient country or international organization as no longer needed for the purpose for which furnished shall be credited to the respective appropriation, fund, or account used to procure such defense articles or to the appropriation, fund, or account currently fivailable for the same general purpose."