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300 TREATY WIT}} TUNIS. ISEZ4. Anrrcrs the 14th-··-As it now is. Atvrictn l4tli—As it was. Trade be- All vessels belonging to the citi- A Tunisian merchant, who may

  • }”°°” *}*8 WT" zens and inhabitants of the United go to America with a vessel of any
°;:,:f’,·L°§:§,’g an States shall be permitted to enter nation soever, loaded with mei-.

` the ports of the kingdom of Tunis, chandize, which is the production and freely trade with the subjects of the kingdom of Tunis, shall pay and inhabitants thereof, on paying duty (small as it is) like the merthe usual duties which are paid chants of other nations; and the by other most favoured nations at American merchants shall equally peace with the Regency. In like pay for the merchandize of their manner, all vessels belonging to country, which they may bring to the subjects and inhabitants of the Tunis, under their flag, the same kingdom of Tunis shall be per- duty as the Tunisians pay in Amemitted to enter the different ports rica. But, if an American merof the United States, and freely chant, or a merchant of any other trade with the citizens and in- nation, shall bring American merhabitants thereof, on paying the chandize, under any other flag, he usual duties which are paid by shall pay six per cont. duty: in other most favoured nations at like manner, if a foreign merchant peace with the United States. shall bring the merchandize of his country, under the American flag, he shall also pay six per cent. Concluded, signed, and sealed, at the Palace of Bardo, near Tunis, the 24th day of the moon jumed teni, in the year of the Hegira, 1239, corresponding the 24th of February, 1824, of the Christian year, and the 48th year of the Independence of the United States, reserving the same, nevertheless, for the final ratification of the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. S. D. HEAP, Charge d’Af’faires, (1.. s. SIDI MAHMOUD’S signature and (r.. xr.;