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308 CONVENTION WITH COLOMBIA. 1824. most favoured nation is or shall be obliged to pay; and they shall enjoy all the rights, privileges, and exemptions in navigation and commerce, which the most favoured nation does or shall enjoy, submitting them. selves, nevertheless, to the laws, decrees, and usages, there established, and to which are submitted the subjects and citizens of the most favour. ed nations. ARTICLE 4th. Merchants, It is likewise agreed that it shall be wholly free forrall merchants, ?!¤m¤£d¢1‘¤<>f commanders of ships, and other citizens of both countries, to manage fngljggg ‘fg'€{;’ themselves their own business in all the ports and places subject to the business as eiti- jurisdiction of each other, as well with respect to the consignment and

  • °¤¤ gi *h¤ d sale of their goods and merchandize by wholesale or retail, as with re-
,'m,;n;v°“r° spect to the loading, unloading, and sending off their ships, they being

i in all these cases to be treated as citizens of the country in which they reside, or at least to be placed on a footing with the subjects or citizens of the most favoured nation. ARTICLE 5th. Citizens vfrwi- The citizens of neither of the contracting parties shall be liable to

j‘:;,;1fg‘i;:£;' any embargo, nor be detained with their vessels, cargoes, merchandizes,

iinbls to any or cflects, for any military expedition, nor for any public or private pur- ¢-rrnbargo. &·c. pose whatever, without allowing to those interested a sufficient indemnification. ARTICLE 6th. Cljtizcns if Whenever the citizens of either of the contracting parties shall be Qffufrigéng iw__ forced to seek refuge or asylum in the rivers, bays, pOYtS, or dominions ties, seeking of the other, with their vessels, whether merchant or of war, public or aefugejn tht; private, through stress of weather, pursuit of pirates, or enemies, they ,§:"$l:,';” fo be shall be received and treated with humanity, giving to them all favour geared ug and protection for repairing their ships, procuring provisions, and placing friends. &c- themselves in a situation to continue their voyage without obstacle or hindrance of any kind. ARTICLE 7th. All ships, &.e. All the ships, merchandize, and elfects belonging to the citizens of

‘S};;;‘i;“g,‘g;g° one of the contracting parties, which may be captured by pirates, whe-

,,; me comm, ther within the limits of its jurisdiction or on the high seas, and may be ing parties, cap- carried or found in the rivers, roads, bays, ports, or dominions, of the

 other, shall be delivered up to the owners, they proving in due and proi,,,;,,, d,,,,,;,,;,,,,, per form their rights before the competent tribunals; it being well

of either, to be understood that the claim should be made within the term of one year ji,;";"g‘j:f$r:i’i° by the parties themselves, their attorneys, or agents of the respective governments. ARTICLE Sth. bA¤¤i¤j¤¤¢§ Lo When any vessel belonging to the citizens of either of the contracting tjfcfgnfffclinf parties shall be wrecked, foundered, or shall suffer any damage on the parties, in cus; coasts, or within the dommions of the other, there shall be given to them ·:£m¢ij§¤.d&¤· all assistance and protection in the same manner which is usual and mini;" freak customary with the vessels of the nation where the damage happens, other. permitting them to unload the said vessel, if necessary, of its merchanclizes and effects, without exacting for it any duty, impost, or contribution whatevcr, until they may be exported. ARTICLE 9th. _The citizens of each of the contracting parties shall have power to dispose of their personal goods within the jurisdiction of the other, by