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42 TREATY WITII THE NETHERLANDS. 1782. ARTICLE XVI. Incase 0;,;,;,,. If any ships or vessells, belonging to either of the parties, their subwreck, relief jects or people, shall, within the coasts or domimons of the other, stick

g“£lg° z23d' upon the sands, or be wrecked or suffer any other sea-damage, all friendl y

Nstomi assistance and relief shall be given to the persons shrpwrecked, or such as shall be m danger thereof; and the vessells, effects and merchandizes, or the part of them which shall have been saved, or the proceeds of them, if, being perishable, they shall have been sold, being claimed within a year and a day by the masters or owners, or their agents or attornies, shall be restored, paying only the reasonable charges, and that which must be paid, in the same case, for the salvage, by the proper subjects of the country: there shall also be delivered them, safe conducts or passports, for their free and safe passage from thence, and to returne, each one to his own country. ARTICLE XVII. When vessels In case the subjects or people of either party, with their shipping, by sz6s5g;` whether public and of war, or private and of merchants, be forced

§;'{0,.;d through stress of weather, pursuit of pirates or enemies, or any other

into ports, &.c. urgent necessity for seeking of shelter and harbour, to retract and enter

  • h°Y SMU b° into any of the rivers, creeks, bays, ports, roads or shores, belonging to

Pgigifjgiggd the other party, they shall be received with all humanity and kindness, depart. and enjoy all friendly protection and help, and they shall be permitted to refresh: and provide themselves, at reasonable rates, with victualls, and sl! thjlngs needifuljl for EE sustenanc: og their persops, (pr Separation oft eirs ips; an theys no ways e etaine or in re from returning out of the said ports or roads, but may remove and depart when and whither they please, without any let or hindrance. ARTICLE XVIII. In casecfwar, For the better promoting of commerce, on both sides it is agreed, ¤i¤¤ momhssi- that if a war should break out, between their High Mightinesses the

°j,c;‘;d§:°"in States General of the United Netherlands, and the United States of

the other’s do- America, there shall always be granted to the subjects on each side, the

1:31:1;;: fj: term of nine months after the date of the rupture, or the proclamation

mai, cH·Bcl;S_ of war, to the end that they may retire, with their effects, and transport them where they please, which it shall be lawfull for them to do, as well as to sell or transport their effects and goods, in all freedom and without apy hindrance}; and without being alble to Hproceed, dlprjng the said term o nine mont s, o any arrest o therr e ects, muc ess of their ersons; on the contrary, there shall be given them, for their vessells and their effects, which they would carry away, passports and safe conducts for the nearest ports of their respective countries, and for the time necessary for the voyage. And no prize made at sea, shall be adjudged lawfull, at least, if the declaration of war was not or could not be known, in the last port, which the vessell taken, has quitted, but for whatever inay have been taken from the subjects and inhabitants of either party, and for the offences which may have been given them, in ipgujnterval of the said terms, a compleat satisfaction shall be given