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PROVISIONAL ARTICLES WITH GREAT BRITAIN. 1782. 57 ARTICLE VII. There shall be a firm and perpetual peace between his Britannic Hosiilities in Majesty and the said States, and between the subjects of the one and 9°°5°· mid Bd' the citizens of the other, wherefore all hostilities both by sea and land shall then immediately cease: all prisoners on both sides shall be set at l liberty, and his Britannic Majesty shall with all convenient speed, and without causing any destruction, or carrying away any negroes or other property of the American inhabitants, withdraw all his armies, garrisons and fleets from the said United States, and from every port, place and harbour within the same; leaving in all fortifications the American artillery that may be therein; and shall also order and cause all archives, records, deeds and papers, belonging to any of the said states, or their citizens, which in the course of the war may have fallen into the hands of his officers, to be forthwith restored and delivered to the proper states and persons to whom they belong. ARTICLE VIII. ’I‘he navigation of the river Missisippi, from its source to the ocean, Navigation of shall for ever remain free and open to the subjects of Great-Britain, and ihv Mi¤¤i¤SiPPi the citizens of the United States. {,‘;§,g‘;§,;‘;_ ARTICLE IX. In case it should so happen that any place or territory belonging to Conquests be- Great-Britain or to the United States, should be conquered by the arms fore ¤¤‘FiY¤1 ¤( of either from the other, before the arrival of these articles in America, g'f,f§,,‘2`,{’f,l°{’,e" it is agreed, that the same shall be restored without difficulty, and with- mamma, out requiring any compensation. Done at Paris, the thirtieth day of November, in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two. RICHARD OSWALD, 1.. s. JOHN ADAMS, r.. s. B. FRANKLIN, 1.. s. JOHN JAY, r.. s. HENRY LAURENS, (s. s. Witness, CALEB WHITEFOORD, Sccrctary to the British Commission. W. T. FRANKLIN, Secretary lo the American Commission. SEPARATE ARTICLE. It is hereby understood and agreed, that in case Great Britain, at the conclusion of the present war, shall recover, or be put in possession of West Florida, the line of north boundary between the said province and the United States shall be a line drawn from the mouth of the river Yassous, where it unites with the Mississippi, due east, to the river Apalachicola. Done at Paris, the thirtieth day of November, in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two. RICHARD OSWALD, 1.. s.) JOHN ADAMS, r.. s.) B. FRANKLIN, t.. s. JOHN JAY, (1.. s. HENRY LAURENS, (1.. s.) Attest, CALEB WHITPJFOORD, Secretary to the British Commission. W. T. FRANKLIN, Sccrctary to the American Commission. A true copy, examined and compared with the original by B. FRANKLIN. Passy, December 4, 1782. vox.. vm. 8