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GENERAL INDEX. 47 De Lusser, Madam, Heirs of, lands confirmed Deposits of the Public Money, (continued.) to, vi._S{;$7. I terms to be agreed to by banks, v. 53. Delzell, Willmm, pension allowed to, vi. 463. banks issuing notes less than five dollars Demarest, Peter, pension to, vi. 67. not to be selected, v. 53, 255. -—-——-— D., increase of pension to, vi. secretary may require security, v. 53. $3 discontinuance of deposit in any bank, v. 54. Deming, John J., accounts of', to be settled, iii. secretary authorized to enter into contracts 770. _ with said banks, v. 54. --·—--—·j-————, payment to, iv. 261. secretary to lay before congress annual Ds Neufmlle, Ja/in, $3000 granted to widow statement, v. 54. and children oh vi. 29. transfers in certain cases declared illegal, Demopalis Female Academy, right to enter cer- v. 55, 115, 116. tain lands, v. 155. surplus in treasury to be deposited with time Dcmurrcrs, for form, to be special, &c., i. 91. several states, v. 55. Denford, William, allowed to enter certain proportions in which deposits with the land, v. 715. states to be made, v. 55. Denison, Isaac, allowance to, vi. 173. money to be withdrawn from former de· --———, Leonard, to be indemnified for dam- posit banks, v. 206. ages, vi. 482. ‘ deposit act of 1840, (sub-treasury,) v. 385; Denmark, commissioners under treaty with, iv. repealed, v. 439. 446. Depasitians, Dennett, John, fishing bountyallowed to, vi.372. under what circumstances they may be Dennie, Wil/iam, pension to, vi. 179. taken, i. 88, 89. Dermin, Simeon, pension to, vi. 925. mode of taking, i. 89. Denning, Isaac, and others, duties to be refund- by whom to be taken, i. 88; iii. 350. ed to, vi. 833. witness, how compelled to appear, i. 89; Dennis, Thomas, land patents to issue to, vi. 483. iv. 197-199. Dennison, Cliristoplier, pension to, vi. 723. not to be used unless it is shown that the ---, Prince, pension to, vi. 25. witness cannot be had, i. 90. Dennistoun, .0. and J., and Company, deben- dedimus potestatem, i. 90. ture certificates to be refunded to, vi. 668. depositions in perpetuam, i. 90 ; ii. 682. Denny, Penelope, pension to, vi. 342. taken in state courts, ii. 682. --——-, Thomas, penalties remitted to, vi. 122. subpoena duces tecnm, iv. 199. Danslow, Baiqumin, increase of pension to, vi. in cases of contested elections, i. 537. 85. appointment of commissioners to take dep- Denton, Gabriel W., and others, di charged from ositions, ii. 679-682 ; iii. 350. a note, vi. 665. Deputies, -—-, Little, and Company, duties to be re- of district attorneys authorized, iii. 244. funded to, vi. 237. provision for absence of heads of depart- Uepartments, Establis/mzent and Regulations afi ments, i. 281, 415. See Foreign ./}_#Plirs, p. 65. Navy De- of collectors, &c. See Customs, Ojieers. partment, p. 122. Past Office Depart- of the, p. 44. ment, p. 137. State Department, p. 162. of marshals. See Marshals, p. 110. Treasury Department, p. 170. War De- Depuy, Daniel, pension to, vi. 418. partment, p. 176. Dcquindre, Antoine, and another, released from names of clerks, &c., employed in, to be bonds, vi. 469. annually reported, v. 525. -----·-—-—-—-—, allowance to, vi. 475. annual reports of expenditures to be made Dcrbanne, Pierre S., authorized to enter land, to congress, v. 25. vi. 926. provision for temporary absence of heads Derry, James, accounts and pay ot} vi. 4. of, i. 281, 415. Desbraw, Emstus, pension to, vi. 176. oflice hours in, v. 112. Descent, De Peysler, William, and another, to be paid for ol' rights under the act for the armed occua slave, vi. 920. pation of Florida, v. 503. Deposit, no attainder of treason to work corruption of goods for duties, i. 674; ii. 471, 472; ofblood, i. 18, 118. iii. 469, 470. Dasdorty, John B., debenture to be paid to, vi. of money in court, regulated, iii. 127, 395. 187. of money by officers of congress, iii. 213. Deserters and Desertion, of goods in public warehouses, iii. 469. from the army, embezzlement of, punished, iii. 470. punishment of; ii. 362. of ships' papers with American consuls, ii. deserters may be compelled to serve 203. out their time, ii. 136, 673, 796. of foreign ships' papers with foreign con- advising desertion, ii. 136. suls, iii. 362. in time of peace, offence not capital, Deposits of the Public Money, iv. 418. general `regulation of- from the navy, _ __ Secretary of the treasury to select banks punishment of; 1. 712, 713; 11. 47 in the different states and territories, v. enticing desertion, u. 47. 52. from American vessels, where there is no bank, or all refuse, may punishment ot, i. · select one at some adjacent place, v. 52. penalty for harboring, 1. 132 bank to furnish statements, v. 53. apprehension of] 1. 134