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[80 STAT. B26]
[80 STAT. B26]
PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1966



Page Flood Control Act of 1965, Amendments, Page Foreign Assistance Act of 1961—Con. Amendments—Continued Lower Mississippi River basin, funds. 1424 Development assistance—Continued Flood Control Act of 1966 1418 Loans, criteria, limitation on counFlorida: tries, appropriation authorizaCross-Florida Barge Canal, Silver tion, etc 796, 797 Springs lock redesignated as R. N. Southeast Asia multilateral and Bert Dosh Lock 795 regional programs 799 Inter-American Cultural and Trade Technical cooperation and developCenter, Dade County— ment grants— Appropriation for 149, 1065 American schools, libraries, and United States participation, authorihospitals abroad, appropriazation 5 tion authorization 798 Johns Pass, Pinellas County, navigation Criteria, limitation on countries, project 1416 appropriation authorization, Judicial districts, additional judges 75 etc 797 National Key Deer Wildlife Refuge, acEconomic or military assistance not a quisition of additional land for, etc. 930 commitment to defend country. _ 796 Pinellas County, land conveyance to 876 Foreign currencies, use by foreign Fluorspar, disposal from national stockcountries for carrying out volunpile, authorization 136, 348, 349 tary family planning programs. _ 805 Food and Agriculture Act of 1965, approFree enterprise and private participriation for effecting provisions 698 pation 803, 804 Food and Drug Administration: International organizations and proAppropriation for 1382 grams— Confectionery products, use of nonAppropriation authorization 801 nutritive substances, regulation 231 Cuba, economic and technical asFood and Fiber, National Advisory Comsistance, restriction 800 mission on, appropriation for 703 Indus Basin Development Fund 800 Food for Peace Act of 1966 1526 Palestine refugees in the Near East, Food Stamp Act of 1964, appropriation for restriction on assistance 800 effecting provisions 695 International Private Investment AdFootball, interscholastic contests, protecvisory Council on Foreign Aid, tion from professional telecasts 1515 Football, Professional Leagues: establishment 804 Income tax exemption 1515 Joint Commissions on Rural DevelopMerger, nonapplicability of antitrust ment, establishment 802 laws 1515 Military assistance— Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, Africa, restriction 803 Amendments, registration statement, Appropriation authorization; limitation on countries 802 filing; exemptions, etc 244 Foreign Agricultural Service, appropriaDefense articles and services, adtion for 153, 695 ministration of sales 803 North Vietnam, assistance denied Foreign Assistance Act of 1961: Amendments— countries trading with 806 Prohibitions against furnishing asAdministrative provisions 807 sistance 805-807 Agricultural commodities, procurement of 804 Supplemental funds for 1966, authorization 74 Contingency fund, appropriation auSupporting assistance, appropriation thorization 801 authorization; limitation on counDamage or destruction of United tries 801 States property overseas, policy. 796 Transfer between accounts, limitaDevelopment assistance— tions 804 Alliance for progress, aid criteria, United Arab Republic, restriction on appropriation authorization, assistance to 806 etc 799 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 1018 Investment guaranties— Foreign Assistance Act of 1966 795 Extension of program, etc 798 Foreign Assistance and Related Agencies Latin American housing projects Appropriation Act, 1966, continuing guaranties 798 appropriations, 1967 234,371,859