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[80 STAT. B38]
[80 STAT. B38]
PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1966



Interior, Department of the—Continued Page Water Pollution Control Advisory Board, transfer from Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. 1608 Water resource development proposals, feasibility investigations; reports. 707 Water Resources Research, Office of, appropriation for 157, 181 Water Resources Research Act of 1964, amendments, enlargement of research program; increased appropriation authorization; reports 129 Wind River Indian irrigation project, Wyo., cancellation of unpaid reimbursable construction costs 31 Internal Revenue Codes. For sections affected see Tables 3 and 4 of amendments and repeals in "Laws Affected in Volume 80", preceding this Index. Internal Revenue Service, appropriation for 158, 224 International Agreements: Agreement for Facilitating the International Circulation of Visual and Auditory Materials of an Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Character, implementation of 879 Agreement on Importation of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Materials, implementing legislation 897 Beirut Agreement, implementation 879 Florence Agreement, implementing legislation. 897 Greek loan of 1929, settlement 1314 International Boundary and W^*®'* Commission, United States and Mexico— Flood control project on Tijuana River 884 Salinity drainage, agreement 808 United States Commissioner, border highway along Rio Grande River, plan and construction 1477 International Convention for the Prevention of the Pollution of the Sea by Oil, 1954, as amended, implementation of 372 Joint Commissions on Rural Development, Presidential authorization to conclude agreements for establishment of 802 Treaties and Other International Acts Series, and slip laws, admissibility in evidence 271 International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico: Appropriation for 158, 1481 Flood control project on Tijuana River. 884 Salinity drainage, agreement 808

International Boundary and Water Com- Page mission—Continued United States Commissioner, border highway along Rio Grande River, plan and construction 1477 International Boundary Commission, United States and Canada, appropriation for 1483 International Claims Settlement Act of 1949, Amendments, Chinese Communist regime, determination of amount of claims of nationals of United States 1365 International Conference on Water for Peace: Appropriation for 1064 Organization 1507 International Development, Agency for, coordination of activities under Food for Peace Act of 1966 1537 International Development Association, appropriation for. 1024 International Education Act of 1966 1066 International Exhibitions, Etc., United States participation, congressional declaration of policy. 974 International Exhibitions, Special, appropriation for 1505 International Fisheries Commissions, appropriation for 1483 International Health Research Act of 1960, appropriation for effecting provisions. 1387 International Joint Commission, United States and Canada, appropriation for_ 1482 International Labor Affairs, Bureau of, appropriation for 158, 1381 International Literacy Day, designation... 370 International Organizations: Appropriation for 158 Contributions, quotas, etc.— Appropriation for 1018, 1480 Pan American Institute of Geography and History, increase 893 Investigation of United States citizens for employment by, appropriation for. 666 World Health Assembly, Twenty-second, Boston, Mass., 1969, funds for expenses, authorization 10 International Organizations Immunities Act, Amendment, extension of immunities provisions to European Space Research Organization 5 International Private Investment Advisory Council on Foreign Aid, establishment 804 International Travel Act of 1961, appropriation for effecting provisions 1491 Interscholastic Football Contests, protection from telecasting of professional games 1515