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[80 STAT. 527]
[80 STAT. 527]
PUBLIC LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1966

80 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 89-554-SEPT. 6, 1966


The Department may deliver the present, decoration, or thing to the individual in person only if authorized by statute. After delivery is authorized by statute, the individual may not publicly show or wear the present, decoration, or thing. The Secretary of State shall furnish the 89th Congress and each alternate Congress thereafter a list of retired individuals for whom the Department of State is holding a present, decoration, or thing under this section. SUBCHAPTER V—MISCONDUCT § 7351. Gifts to superiors An employee may not— (1) solicit a contribution from another employee for a gift to an official superior; (2) make a donation as a gift to an official superior; or (3) accept a gift from an employee receiving less pay than himself. An employee who violates this section shall be removed from the service. § 7352. Excessive and habitual use of intoxicants An individual who habitually uses intoxicating beverages to excess may not be employed in the competitive service. CHAPTER 75—ADVERSE ACTIONS SUBCHAPTER I—COMPETITIVE SERVICE Sec.

7501. Cause; procedure; exception.



7511. Definitions. 7512. Cause; procedure; exception.


7521. Removal.


7581. Definitions. 7532. Suspension and removal. 7533. Effect on other statutes.

SUBCHAPTER I—COMPETITIVE SERVICE § 7501. Cause; procedure; exception (a) An individual in the competitive service may be removed or suspended without pay only for such cause as will promote the efficiency of the service. (b) An individual in the competitive service whose removal or suspension without pay is sought is entitled to reasons in writing and to— (1) notice of the action sought and of any charges preferred against him; (2) a copy of the charges; (3) a reasonable time for filing a written answer to the charges, with affidavits; and (4) a written decision on the answer at the earliest practicable date.