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[81 STAT. 676]
[81 STAT. 676]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


PUBLIC LAW 90-222-DEC. 23, 1967




Enrollee education and voc a t i o n a l training.

High school equivalency certificates.

"SEC. 108. (a) Each Job Corps center shall be operated so as to provide enrollees with an intensive, well-organized and fully supervised program of education, vocational training, work experience, planned avocational and recreational activities, physical rehabilitation and development, and counseling. To the fullest extent feasible, the required program for each enrollee shall include activities designed to assist him hi choosing realistic career goals, coping with problems he may encounter in his home community or in adjusting to a new community, and planning and managing his daily affairs in a manner that will best contribute to long-term upw^ard mobility. Center programs shall include required participation in center maintenance support and related work activity as appropriate to assist enrollees in increasing their sense of contribution, responsibility, and discipline. "(b) To the extent practicable, the Director may arrange for enrollee education and vocational training through local public or private educational agencies, vocational educational institutions, or technical institutes where these institutions or institutes can provide training comparable in cost and substantially equivalent in quality to that which he could provide through other means. "(c) Arrangements for education shall, to the extent feasible, provide opportunities for qualified enrollees to obtain the equivalent of a certificate of graduation from high school; and the Director, with the concurrence of the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, shall develop certificates to be issued to enrollees who have satisfactorily completed their services in the Job Corps and which will reflect the enrollee's level of educational attainment. " (d) The Director shall prescribe regulations to assure that Job Corps work-experience programs or activities do not displace presently employed workers or impair existing contracts for service and will be coordinated with other work-experience programs in the community. aALLOWANCE AND


"SEC. 109. (a) The Director may provide enrollees with such personal, travel, and leave allowances, and such quarters, subsistence, transportation, equipment, clothing, recreational services, and other expenses as he may deem necessary or appropriate to their needs. Personal allowances shall be established at a rate not to exceed $35 per month during the first six months of an enrollee's participation in the program and not to exceed $50 per month thereafter, except that allowances in excess of $35 per month, but not exceeding $50 per month, may be provided from the beginning of an enrollee's participation if it is expected to be of less than six months' duration, and the Director is authorized to pay personal allowances in excess of the rates specified herein in unusual circumstances as determined by him. Such allowances shall be graduated up to the maximum so as to encourage continued participation in the program, achievement and the best use by the enrollee of the funds so provided and shall be subject to reduction in appropriate cases as a disciplinary measure. To the degree reasonable, enrollees shall be required to meet or contribute to costs associated with their individual comfort and enjoyment from their personal allowances. " (b) The Director shall prescribe specific rules governing the accrual of leave by enrollees. Except in the case of emergency, he shall in no event assume transportation costs connected with leave of any enrollee who has not completed at least six months service in the J o b Corps.