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[82 STAT. 1184]
[82 STAT. 1184]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


PUBLIC LAW 90-602-OCT. 18, 1968

[82 STAT.

Any regulation establishing a requirement pursuant to clause (1) of the preceding sentence shall (A) authorize such dealers and distributors to elect, in lieu of immediately furnishing such information to the manufacturer, to hold and preserve such information until advised by the manufacturer or Secretary that such information is needed by the manufacturer for purposes of section 359, and (B) provide that the dealer or distributor shall, upon making such election, give prompt notice of such election (together with information identifying the notifier and the product) to the manufacturer and shall, when advised by the manufacturer or Secretary, of the need therefor for the purposes of section 359, immediately furnish the manufacturer with the required information. If a dealer or distributor discontinues the dealing in or distribution of electronic products, he shall turn the information over to the manufacturer. Any manufacturer receiving information pursuant to this subsection concerning first purchasers of products for purposes other than resale shall treat it as confidential and may use it only if necessary for the purpose of notifying persons pursuant to section 359(a). a PROHIBITED ACTS

"SEC. 360B. (a) I t shall be unlawful— " (1) for any manufacturer to introduce, or to deliver for introduction, into commerce, or to import into the United States, any electronic product which does not comply with an applicable standard prescribed pursuant to section 358; " (2) for any person to fail to furnish any notification or other material or information required by section 359 or 360A; or to fail to comply with the requirements of section 359(f); "(3) for any person to fail or to refuse to establish or maintain records required by this subpart or to permit access by the Secretary or any of his duly authorized representatives to, or the copying of, such records, or to permit entry or inspection, as required by or pursuant to section 360A; "(4) for any person to fail or to refuse to make any report required pursuant to section 360A(b) or to furnish or preserve any information required pursuant to section 360A(f); or "(5) for any person (A) to fail to issue a certification as required by section 358(h), or (B) to issue such a certification when such certification is not based upon a test or testing program meeting the requirements of section 358(h) or when the issuer, in the exercise of due care, would have reason to know that such certification is false or misleading in a material respect. "(b) The Secretary may exempt any electronic product, or class thereof, from all or part of subsection (a), upon such conditions as he may find necessary to protect the public health or welfare, for the purpose of research, investigations, studies, demonstrations, or training, or for reasons of national security. u ENFORCEMENT

"SEC. 360C. (a) The district courts of the United States shall have jurisdiction, for cause shown, to restrain violations of section 36013 and to restrain dealers and distributors of electronic products from selling or otherwise disposing of electronic products which do not conform to an applicable standard prescribed pursuant to section 358