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PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


SUBJECT INDEX Army, Department of the—Continued I'age River Basin Monetary Authorization Act of 1968 750 Rivers and Harbors Act of 1968 731 Ryukyu Islands, appropriation for administration 326, 1142 United States Soldiers' Home, appropriation for 326, 993 Art, National Gallery of: Additional building 286 Appropriation for 443 Arts, Commission of Fine: Airspace construction, recommendations 1169 Appropriation for 440 Benito Pablo Juarez, approval of site in District of Columbia for statue. 1155 National Gallery of Art, additional building, approval 286 National Visitor Facilities Advisory Commission, member 45 Organization of American States, headquarters site, approval 959 Rental of public space, approval 1157 Arts and the Humanities, National Foundation on the. Advisory Council on Graduate Education, member 1049 Arts and the Humanities Act of 1965, National Foundation on the: Amendments— Appropriation authorization 187 Contracts in support of projects, authorization 185 Extension of program 1061 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 441 Ashley National Forest, Utah-Wyo., extension of boundaries 905 Asia, Southeast, establishment of military installations 386 Asian Development Bank, appropriation for United States contribution 1143 Atlantic-Pacific Interoceanic Canal Study Commission: Appropriation for 714 Time extension, appropriation authorization 249 Atomic Energy Act of 1954, appropriation for effecting provisions 715 Atomic Energy Commission: Appropriation Act, 1969 715 Facilities, research, etc., appropriation authorization 96 Attorney General: Agricultural Fair Practices Act of 1967, enforcement under 95 Extortionate credit transactions, enforcement 159

Attorney General—Continued Housing rights, civil action filed in District Court by Law enforcement officers not employed by United States, benefits for injury or death while apprehending Federal violators, consultation Narcotics and Dangerous DTugs,'Bureau of, establishment Naturalization fees, prescription of Automobiles, tax rate reduction, postponement ^ Aviation Administration, Federal. See Federal Aviation Administration

F&ge 88

100 1368 1200 92 1197

B Badlands National Monument, S. Dak., boundary revision; correction of enroUedbill 663, 1447 Bank Protection Act of 1968 294 Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act, appropriation for effecting provisions. 643, 651 Banking Act of 1933, Amendment, secondary mortgage market 543 Bankruptcy Act, Amendment, water carriers rights of possession 1149 Banks and Banking: Asian Development Bank, United States contribution, appropriation for 1143 Bank Protection Act of 1968 294 "Commercial Banks and Their Trust Activities," printing of additional copies 1451 Export-Import Bank Act of 1945, amendments— Change in name of Bank; time extension 47, 49 Exports to or for use in Communist countries, prohibition 48 Military credits to less developed countries, limitation 48 Export-Import Bank of the United States— Appropriation for 1143 Foreign military sales, restrictions.- 1325 Loans, guarantees, extension of certain 296 Renamed; extension, etc 47 Farm Credit Act of 1933, amendments— Banks for cooperatives, retirement of Government capital 1145 Production credit associations— Capital funds, improvement 183 Retirement of Government capital 1145 Farm Credit Act of 1953, amendment, production credit associations, retirement of Government capital— 1145