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[82 STAT. A20]
[82 STAT. A20]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



District of Columbia Police and Firemen's Page Economic Opportunity Act of 1964: Page Amendments— Salary Act Amendments of 1968. 140 Technical, reflecting codification of District of Columbia Public Education Act: Title 5, U.S. Code provisions 1315 Amendments, Federal City College, a land-grant college 241 Youth work and training programs, Appropriation for effecting provisions._ 1190 age quotas 1062 District of Columbia Public School Food Appropriation for effecting provisions 317, Services Act, Amendment, employees 976, 993, 994 salaries, adjustments 1363 Economic Research Service, appropriation District of Columbia Public Space Rental for 307, 644 Act 1156 Education. See also Schools and Colleges. District of Columbia Public Space UtilizaAdult Education Act of 1966— tion Act 1166 Amendment, age limitation, reducDistrict of Columbia Revenue Act of 1937, tion to 16 1095 Amendment, tax court, salary increase Appropriation for effecting proviof judges 1119 sions 977 District of Columbia Revenue Act of 1947: Agricultural colleges, additional approAmendment, increase in Federal paypriation, authorization 241 ments 612 American Education Week, 1968, procAppropriation for effecting provisions.. 694 lamation 1643 District of Columbia Revenue Act of 196S612 Child Nutrition Act of 1966— District of Columbia Sales Tax Act, Amendments, school breakfast proAmendments: gram 119 House of Representatives, sales of Appropriation for effecting provimaterials, foods, exemption 614 sions 645 Tax rate, increase 613 Cooperative Research Act, appropriaTelephone service, removal of exemption for effecting provisions 978 tion 613 District of Columbia Teachers' Leave District of Columbia Teachers' Leave Act Act of 1949, amendment, sick and of 1949, Amendment, sick and emeremergency leave, restriction 140 gency leave, restriction 140 District of Columbia Teachers' Salary District of Columbia Teachers' Salary Act Act Amendments of 1968 132 Amendments of 1968 132 District of Columbia Teachers' Salary District of Columbia Teachers' Salary Act Act of 1955, Amendments, salary inof 1955, Amendments, salary increases, schedule 132 creases, schedule 132 Economic Opportunity Act of 1964— District of Columbia Uniform Gifts to Amendments— Minors Act, Amendments, "Financial Technical, reflecting codification institution," gifts deposited in 98 of Title 5, U. S. Code provisions. 1315 District of Columbia Use Tax Act, AmendYouth work and training programs, ments, tax rate, increase 615 age quotas 1062 Drug Abuse Control Amendments of 1965, Appropriation for effecting provisions 317, functions under, transfer to Attorney 976, 993, 994 General 1367 Education Professions Development Drugs: Act, appropriation for effecting Animal drugs, new, consolidation of proprovisions 975, 976 visions regarding 342 Elementary and Secondary Education LSD, and other hallucinogenic drugs, Act of 1965, appropriation for penalties for possession, etc 1361 effecting provisions 974, 978, 1195 E Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1967, amendment, Economic Advisers, Council of, appropriaavailability of funds 1094 tion for 195, 320, 1198 "Federal Educational PoUcies, ProEconomic Development Assistance, apprograms, and Proposals," printing of priation for 318, 325 additional copies 1451 Economic Opportunity, Office of: Federal-State training program 605 Appropriation for

317, 993 Federally affected areas, school assistDirector, member of National Homeance, appropriation for 975 ownership Foundation 492