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[82 STAT. A22]
[82 STAT. A22]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Environmental Science Services Adminis- Page tration, appropriation for 325, 679 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, appropriation for 335, 687 Estuarine Areas, s t u d y and inventory for preservation

625 Executive OflBice of the President. See Executive Office under President of the United States. Expenditure Control Act of 1968, Revenue and 251 Appropriation for eflFecting provisions. _ 1199 Export Control Act of 1949, appropriation for effecting provisions 678 Export-Import Bank Act of 1945, Amendments: Change in n a m e of the B a n k; time extension 47, 49 Exports to or for use in Communist countries, prohibition 48 Military credits to less developed countries, l i m i t a t i o n _ _; 48 Export-Import Bank of the United States: Appropriation for 1143 Foreign military sales, restrictions 1325 Loans, guarantees, extension of certai!n_ 296 Export-Import Bank of Washington, renamed E x p o r t - I m p o r t Bank of the United States; extension, etc 47, 49 Eye Institute, National, establishment 771 F Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, appropriation for effecting provisions 973 Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, Amendment, containers and measures for fruits and vegetables 1320 Fair Practices Act of 1967, Agricultural.. 93 Family Health Week, National: Designation 848 Proclamation 1656 Family Reunion Day: Designation 359 Proclamation 1639 Farm-City Week, National, 1968, proclamation 1647 Farm Credit Act of 1933, Amendments: Banks for cooperatives, retirement of Government capital 1145 Production credit associations— Capital funds, improvement 183 Retirement of Government c a p i t a l.. 1145 Farm Credit Act of 1953, Amendments, production credit associations, retirement of Government capital 1145 Farm Credit Administration, appropriation for 335, 653

Farm Labor Contractor Registration Act Page of 1963, appropriation for effecting provisions 972 Farm Safety Week, National, 1968, proclamation 1611 Farmer Cooperative Service, appropriation for 324,641 Farmers Home Administration, appropriation for 310,650, 1191 Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956: Amendments— Additional miles 822, 823 Apportionment of funds 822 Beautification program 817 Bridge inspection 829 Construction by States in advance of apportionment 828 Emergency relief, funds 829 Equal employment opportunity 826 Federal share 835 Forest roads and trails 819 Fort Washington P a r k w a y, acquisition of lands 824 Garden State P a r k w a y, collection of tolls 825 G u a m, American Samoa, and Virgin Islands, s t u d y 830 H i g h w a y classification, systematic nationwide 823 Highway relocation assistance 830 Highway safety program s. 822 I n t e r s t a t e system, extension, increased funds 815 P a r k lands, preservation 823 Real property acquisition policies 836 Rights-of-way, acquisition 818 Small business l o a n s. 835 Toll roads 829 Urban areas, fringe parking facilities, etc 820 Urban impact, public hearings 828 Wages, prevailing r a t e of 821 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 657 Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1968 815 Federal Airport Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 656 Federal Aviation Act of 1958: Amendments-— Control and a b a t e m e n t of aircraft noise and sonic boom 395 Supplemental air carriers, tour charter trips 867 Appropriation for effecting provisions 656, 938 Federal Aviation Administration: Appropriation for 334, 656, 1197 Aviation War Risk Insurance Revolving F u n d, appropriation for 657