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[82 STAT. A24]
[82 STAT. A24]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Federal Property and Administrative Page Services Act of 1949—Continued Amendments—Continued Urban land utilization, acquisition, use, or disposition, notice to local zoning authority 1104 Appropriation for effecting provisions-_ 991 Federal Radiation Council, appropriation for 335,994 Federal Railroad Administration: Appropriation for 659, 1197 High-speed ground transportation research and development, appropriation for 659 Railroad Safety, Bureau of, appropriation for 659 Research, appropriation for 659 Federal Register: Publication in— Bulgarian and R u m a n i a n claims, filing period 422, 423 Colorado River Basin project, criteria. 900 Communist countries, economic assistance, Presidential determination 1140 Cradle of Forestry in America, Pisgah National Forest, N. C., establishment 342 Electronic products, standards 1178 Fair housing laws, agreements with States, etc 89 Firearms, list of published laws 228, 233 Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, U t a h - W y o., boundaries 904 Gun control, regulations— 1216, 1225, 1236 Higher education, regulations 1063 Housing, secondary mortgage m a r k e t. 545 International Coffee Organization, discrimination against United States-flag ships 1349 National scenic trails, rights-of-way.. 922 National Science Board, research contracts 363 National wild and scenic rivers 908, 910, 914 N a t u r a l gas pipeline safety 724 New animal drug application 347 Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation, Oglala Sioux Tribe, land conveyance 664 Poultry inspection, designation of certain states 797 Redwood National Park, Calif., establishment 931 Robert S. Kerr Memorial Arboretum and N a t u r e Center, Okla., designation 169 Standard reference data, procedures for publication 340

Federal Reserve Act, Amendments: Page Gold reserve requirements, elimination. 50 Interest and dividends, maximum rates, extension of authority 856 National banking association, housing loans, etc 518,609 Special Drawing R i g h t certificates, use_ 189 United States obligations, authorization for Federal Reserve Banks to purchase directly from the Treasury, extension 113 Federal Reserve System: Consumer Credit Protection Act. See separate title. Over-the-counter securities, margins 452 T r u t h in Lending Act 146 Federal Supply Service, appropriation for 334,941 Federal Trade Commission: Appropriation for 335, 940, 1192 Interagency Advisory Committee on Compensation for Motor Vehicle Accident Losses, member 127 Federal Urban Land-Use Act 1104 Federal Voting Assistance Act of 1955, Amendments: Armed Forces members, registration and voting assistance 181 Citizens temporarily residing outside United States, provisions 180 Federal Water Pollution Control Administration, appropriation for 713 Feed Grains, cropland adjustment program; price support, etc., extension._ 996 Fine Arts, Commission of. See Commission of Fine Arts. Fire Prevention and Control, National Commission on, establishment 37 Fire Prevention Week, 1968, proclama-, tion 1641 Fire Research and Safety Act of 1968 34 Firearms, regulations for c o n t r o l.. 226, 236, 1213 Firearms Act, Federal, repeal 234 First Transcontinental Railroad, 100th Anniversary, medals in commemoration 120 Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956, appropriation for effecting provisions 64., Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1958, appropriation for effecting provisions 706, 709, 712 Fish and Wildlife Service: Military reservations, conservation programs on, cooperation 661 Pesticides, etc., research on prevention of injury to fish and wildlife from use of, appropriation authorization. 338 Fish Protein Concentrate, experimental plants, reduction 936