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[82 STAT. A43]
[82 STAT. A43]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



National Forests—Continued Page National Guard—Continued Blue Ridge P a r k w a y, N.C.-Ga., t r a n s Army—Continued fer of lands for extension of 968 Personnel, appropriation for Cradle of Forestry in America, Pisgah Ready Reserve— National Forest, N. C., establishOrder to active d u t y. Presidential ment 342 authorization Highways, appropriation for 658 Strength M o u n t Baker National Forest, Wash., Retention in active service until age designation of P a s a y t e n and Glacier 60 of certain P e a k Wildernesses within 930 Federal employees on active d u t y, leave; Okanogan National Forest, Wash., crediting of a m o u n t s received- 1151, designation of P a s a y t e n Wilderness Military claims, settlement, increased within 930 authority Ouachita National Forest, Okla., R o b e r t Technicians; employment, use, s t a t u s. _ S. Kerr Memorial Arboretum and National Guard Technicians Act of 1968_N a t u r e Center, establishment 169 National Heart Act, appropriation for Roads and trails, development 819 effecting provisions San Rafael Wilderness, Los Padres National Highway Week, 1968, proclamaNational Forest, Calif., designation. 51 tion Wenatchee National Forest, Wash., National Hispanic Heritage Week: designation of Glacier Peak WilderDesignation ness within 930 Proclamation Willamette, Deschutes, and M o u n t National Historical Publications CommisH o o d National Forests, designation sion, extension of authorization of M o u n t Jefferson Wilderness Homeownership Foundation, within 936 National creation National Foundation on the Arts and the National Housing Act: Humanities, G r a d u a t e Education, Amendments— Advisory Council on, member 1049 Federal housing administration inNational Foundation on the Arts and the surance operations Humanities Act of 1965: Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Amendments— Corporation— Appropriation authorization 187 Additional p r e m i u m Contracts in support of projects, Appointment as receiver authorization 185 Holding companies, regulations, reExtension of program 1061 p o r t s; recordkeeping, etc 5-15, Appropriation for effecting provisions.._ 441 Homeownership for lower income National Gallery of Art: families Additional building 286 Mortgage insurance for nonprofit Appropriation for 443 hospitals National Guard: Mortgage interest rates, establishAir— m e n t of commission to s t u d y _ 114, Construction of facilities 392 National insurance development proMilitary Construction Appropriation gram Act, 1969 865 R e n t a l housing for lower income Operation and maintenance, approfamilies priation for 1124 Savings and Loan Holding Company Personnel, appropriation for 1121 Amendments of 1967 Ready Reserve— Secondary mortgage m a r k e t Order to active d u t y. Presidential Special mortgage insurance asauthorization 850 sistance Strength 850 Technical amendments Retention in active service until age 60 Veterans home loans, mortgage credit of certain 760 interest rates Army— Appropriation for effecting provisions.. Military Construction Appropriation Act, 1969 864 1191, Operation and maintenance, a p p r o National Industrial Reserve Act of 1948, priation for 1124 appropriation for effecting provisions.

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850 850 760 1152 878 755 755 982 1646 848 1649 638 491


858 29 5 1194 477 599 1001 556 498 5 536 485 610 114 955; 1193 942