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[82 STAT. 896]
[82 STAT. 896]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


Interest rate.

Annual budgets, submittal to Congress. Report to Congress.

PUBLIC LAW 90-537-SEPT. 30, 1968

[82 STAT.

exceeding fifty years from the date of completion of each such imit or separable feature, exclusive of any development period authorized by law: Provided, That return of the cost, if any, required by section 307 shall not be made until after the payout period of the Central Arizona Project as authorized herein; and (2) interest (including interest during construction) on the unamortized balance of the investment in the commercial power and municipal and industrial water supply features of the project at a rate determined by the Secretary of the Treasury in accordance with the provisions of subsection (h) of this section, and interest due shall be a first charge. (g) All revenues credited to the development fund in accordance with clause (c)(2) of this section (excluding only those revenues derived from the sale of power and energy for use in Arizona during the payout period of the Central Arizona Project as authorized herein) and such other revenues as remain in the development fund after making the payments required by subsections (d) and (f) of this section shall oe available (1) to make payments, if any, as required by sections 307 and 502 of this Act, and (2) upon appropriation by the Congress, to assist in the repayment of reimbursable costs incurred in connection with units hereafter constructed to provide for the augmentation of the water supplies of the Colorado River for use below Lee Ferry as may be authorized as a result of the investigations and recommendations made pursuant to section 201 and subsection 203(a) of this Act. (h) The interest rate applicable to those portions of the reimbursable costs of each unit of the project which are properly allocated to commercial power development and municipal and industrial water supply shall be determined by the Secretary oi the Treasury, as of the beginning of the fiscal year in which the first advance is made for initiating construction of such unit, on the basis of the computed average intere^ rate payable by the Treasury upon its outstanding marketable public obligations which are neither due nor callable tor redemption for fifteen years from the date of issue. (i) Business-type budgets shall be submitted to the Congress annually for all operations financed by the development fund. SEC. 404. On January 1 of each year the Secretary shall report to the Congress, beginning with the fiscal year ending June 30, 1969, upon the status of the revenues from and the cost of constructing, operating, and maintaining each lower basin unit of the project for the preceding fiscal year. The report of the Secretary shall be prepared to reflect accurately the Federal investment allocated at that time to power, to irrigation, and to other purposes, the progress of return and repayment thereon, and the estimated rate of progress, year by year, in accomplishing full repayment. TITLE V—UPPER COLORADO RIVER BASIN: AUTHORIZATIONS AND REIMBURSEMENTS SEC. 501. (a) In order to provide for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Animas-La Plata Federal reclamation project, (Colorado-New Mexico; the Dolores, Dallas Creek, West Divide, and San Miguel Federal reclamation projects, Colorado; and the Central Utah project (Uintah unit), Utah, as participating projects under the Colorado River Storage Project Act (70 Stat. 105; 43 U.S.C. 620), and to provide for the completion of planning reports on other participating projects, clause (2) of section 1 of said Act is hereby further amended by (i) inserting the words "and the Uintah unit" after the