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PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969



Commerce, Department of—Continued Pasre Standards, National Bureau of— Appropriation for 69, 415 Coal mining— Interim Compliance Panel, member 744 Safety, advisory committee on research, member 747 State Technical Services, Office of, appropriation for 416 United States Travel Service, appropriation for__ 414 Commerce Commission, Interstate: Appropriation for 80, 461 Transfer of certain functions to chairman 859 Commercial Fisheries, Bureau of: Anadromous and Great Lakes fisheries conservation, appropriation for 155 Appropriation for 55,74, 154 Fishermen's Protective Fund, appropriation for _ 155 Fishing vessels, appropriation for construction of 154 Pribilof Islands, appropriation for administration _ 155 Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act of 1964, appropriation for effecting provisions _. 154 Commission for Extension of the United States Capitol, membership 124 Commission of Fine Arts, appropriation for 161 Commission on Civil Rights, appropriation for 422 Commission on Government Procurement: Appropriation for 448 Establishment 269 Commission on Obscenity and Pornography: » Appropriation for _122 Time extension _ 123 Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws, National: Appropriation for 423 Extension 44 Commission on Revision of Criminal Laws of the District of Columbia, appropriation for 428 Commodity Credit Corporation, appropriation for 6,259 Commodity Exchange Authority, appropriation for 67 Communication Services, excise tax, extension 660 Communications Act of 1934, Amendments: Corporation for Public Broadcasting, extension 146

Educational television broadcasting Page facilities, increased funds for grants 146 Communications Commission, Federal, appropriation for 80, 224 Communications Satellite Act of 1962, Amendment, corporation, election of board of directors.. 4 Communications Week, National AdultYouth: Designation _ 115 Proclamation 965 Communism: Congressional statement opposing United Nations membership to Communist Chinese Government. _ 407 Exports to Communist-dominated countries, revised program 841 Compacts. See Interstate Compacts, Consent of Congress Granted to. Comptroller General: Assistant, salary increase 864 Construction industry, health and safety standards, violations, prohibition of awards 97 Government Procurement, Commission on, membership 270 Salary increase 864 Supergrade positions, additional __ 850 Concurrent Resolutions: American Motion Picture, Diamond Jubilee Year of the, designation 900 Baseball, 100th anniversary, congressional recognition 902 Boy Scouts of America, commendation of leaders 898 Congress— Adjournment. _. 898, 901, 902, 904, 906, 908 Electoral vote count 897 Joint session to receive Presidential communication 898 Dartmouth College, 200th anniversary, congressional greetings 902 Enrolled b i l l Correction— Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, continuance of programs (S. 3016) 908 Military construction appropriations (H.R. 14751) 908 T. J. Watson, Jr., appointment to Board of Regents, Smithsonian Institution (S.J. Res. 35) 901 Signing during adjournment 908 Inauguration, joint committee for arrangements, extension 898 Ninth International Congress on High Speed Photography, 1970, congressional statement 905