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PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970

84 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 91-216-MAR. 17, 1970

lishment of a coordinated system in which job evaluation and ranking, regardless of the methods used, is related to a unified set of principles providing coherence and equity throughout the executive branch; (4) within the executive branch, there has been no significant study of, or experimentation with, the several recognized methods of job evaluation and ranking to determine which of those methods are most appropriate for use and application to meet the present and future needs of the Federal Government; and (5) notwithstanding the recommendations resulting from the various studies conducted during the last twenty years, the Federal Government has not taken the initiative to implement those recommendations with respect to the job evaluation and ranking systems within the executive branch, with the result that such systems have not, in many cases, been adapted or administered to meet the rapidly changing needs of the Federal Government. TITLE II—STATEMENT OF POLICY SEC. 201. I t is the sense of Congress that— (1) the executive branch shall, in the interest of equity, eificiency, and good administration, operate under a coordinated job evaluation and ranking system for all civilian positions, to the greatest extent practicable; (2) the system shall be designed so as to utilize such methods of job evaluation and ranking as are appropriate for use in the executive branch, taking into account the various occupational categories of positions therein; and (3) the United States Civil Service Commission shall be authorized to exercise general supervision and control over such a system. TITLE III—PREPARATION OF A JOB EVALUATION AND R A N K I N G P L A N BY THE C IV I L SERVICE COMMISSION A N D R E P O R T S AND R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S TO CONGRESS SEC. 301. The Civil Service Commission, through such organizational unit which it shall establish within the Commission and which shall report directly to the Commission, shall prepare a comprehensive plan for the establishment of a coordinated system of job evaluation and ranking for civilian positions in the executive branch. The plan shall include, among other things— (1) provision for the establishment of a method or methods for evaluating jobs and alining them by level; (2) a time schedule for the conversion of existing job evaluation and ranking systems into the coordinated system; (3) provision that the Civil Service Commission shall have general supervision of and control over the coordinated job evaluation and ranking system, including, if the Commission deems it appropriate, the authority to approve or disapprove the adoption, use and administration in the executive branch of the method or methods established under that system; (4) provision for the establishment of procedures for the periodic review by the Civil Service Commission of the effectiveness of the method or methods adopted for use under the system; and (5) provision for maintenance of the system to meet the changing needs of the executive branch in the future.