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[84 STAT. A14]
[84 STAT. A14]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970



Clifford Davis Federal Building, Memphis, Page Tenn., designation 1877 Clown Week, National, designation 914 Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, Federal, appropriation for effecting provisions 40, 2005, 2013 Coal Research, Office of, appropriation for 675 Coalinga Canal, Calif., designation 431 Coast Guard, United States. See also Armed Forces; Defense, Department of. Active d u t y promotion list 304 Aircraft, vessels, facilities, etc., a p p r o priation authorization 255 Appropriation for 385, 399 Aviation cadets, p a y grades 306 Coast G u a r d A c a d e m y — Annual appointment of cadets 304 Obligation to serve, order to active duty 304 Philippines, Republic of, n u m b e r of persons receiving instruction 304 Teachers— Maximum pay 305 Retirement age of p e r m a n e n t 304 D e p e n d e n t s, language training 306 Ensigns, promotion of 305 Environmental Quality Improvement Act of 1970 114 Federal W a t e r Pollution Control Act. See separate title. Fisheries resources in United States territorial waters, enforcement 1297 Housing facilities, leasing of 305 Interservice transfer of officers 834 Lighthouse service personnel, salary increase 305 Reserve components— P r o m o t i o n system, clarification 838 Selective Reserve, s t r e n g t h 908 Retired officers, recall to active duty___ 305 School children, transportation of dependent 306 W a r r a n t officers, uniform allowance!? 306 W a t e r Quality Improvement Act of 1970 91 Coastal Engineering Research, Board on, compensation 1819 Cobalt, disposition from national stockpile 417 Code, District of Columbia: [NOTE: For amendments and repeals of certain sections codified, see Table 5(b) in "Laws Affected in Volume 84", preceding this Index.]

"Criminal Procedure", revision, codification, and enactment into positive law as Title 23 New edition, appropriation for publication

Code, United States:


[NOTE: For amendments and repeals of sections in positive law titles, see Table 5 (a) in " Laws Affected in Volume 84", preceding this Index.]

Title 39 entitled " P o s t a l Service", codification and reenactment into positive law Code of Federal Regulations: Printing and binding, appropriation for_ Publication in. Federal employees, sal-

719 823

196 ary mcrease. Coffee Agreement Act of 1968, International, extension 2077 Coffeeville Lock and Dam, Ala., designation 1878 Coinage Act of 1965, Amendments: Silver coins, authorization for minting— 1768 Silver dollar, Dwight D. Eisenhower, authorization for minting 1769 Colorado: Apples, marketing orders for 438 Denver, Winter Olympic Games of 1976, Presidential welcome to the United States— Authorization 3 Proclamation 2208 Missouri River Basin project. Narrows unit, authorization for construction, operation, etc 830 United States District Court, appointment of additional j udges 294 U t e Indians, Confederated Bands of, disposition of j u d g m e n t funds 871 Western I n t e r s t a t e Nuclear Compact, eligible party 985 Colorado River Basin Project, appropriation for 383 Columbia, Darien Gap Highway, United States cooperation in construction — 1721 Columbia River, reclamation project, additional funds 310 Columbus Day, proclamation 2246 Commerce, Department of: Appropriation Act, 1971 1048 Appropriation for 384, 391, 1048, 1993 Business and Defense Services Administration, appropriation for 391, 1050 Business Economics, Office of, appropriation for 391, 1049 Census, Bureau of the — Appropriation for 384, 391, 1049 Economic censuses, 1972, appropriation for 1049 Governments, 1972 census of, appropriation for 1049 Nineteenth decennial census of the United States — Appropriation for 1049 604 Proclamation 2223 Domestic Council, member 2086 814