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[84 STAT. A34]
[84 STAT. A34]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970



Elementary and Secondary Education Act Page of 1965—Continued Amendments—Continued Supplementary educational centers and services; gifted and talented children, programs 130, 133 Teachers, salary bonuses 124 Appropriation for effecting provisions. - 33, 36 801, 803 Repeal of provisions 173, 174, 188 Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1967: Amendments— Advisory councils 170 General Education Provision Act, citation of title IV as 165 Operation and administration, general requirements 166 Program appropriations and evaluations 165 Appropriation for effecting provisions. - 33-35 801-804 Emergency, declaration of national, proclamation 2222 Emergency Community Facilities Act of 1970 886 Emergency Health Personnel Act of 1970. 1868 Emergency Home Finance Act of 1970 450 Appropriation for effective provisions.. 1461 Federal home loan banks, interest savings to home buyers, subsidies for. 450 Federal H o m e Loan Mortgage Corporation, establishment, etc 451 Government National Mortgage Association special assistance funds, authorization 458 Middle-income housing, funds for financing 458 Miscellaneous provisions 461 Secondary m a r k e t for conventional mortgages 450 Veterans, maximum interest rates on home mortgages, extension of authority 461 Emergency Insured Student Loan Act of 1969, appropriation for effecting provisions 802 Emergency Preparedness, Office of: Appropriation for 388, 1454 Assistant Director, Office of, a b o l i t i o n.. 2084 Disaster assistance. Federal coordinating oflflcer, appointment 1746 Disaster Relief Act of 1970 1744 Emergency Rail Services Act of 1970 1975 Employment Act of 1946, appropriation for effecting provisions 878 Employment Opportunity Commission, Equal, appropriation for 401, 1059 Employment Security, Bureau of, appropriation for 23, 381

Employment Security Amendments of Page 1970 695 Federal-State extended unemployment compensation program 708 Financing provisions 713 Miscellaneous provisions 718 Unemployment compensation— Administration 705 Coverage 695 Judicial review 703 Provisions of State laws 701 Engineers, Corps of: Appropriation for 392,891, 1992 Floating p l a n t operations, quarters and subsistence allowances 1954 Flood control. See separate title. Flood Control Act of 1970 1824 Lake Tahoe, Nev.-Calif., s t u d y on feasibility of a national lakeshore, consultation 882 P o to m a c River pollution s t u d y 1939 Reclamation projects, See under Interior Department of. River and H a r b o r Act of 1970 1818 Rivers and Harbors. See separate title. Environmental Control: Appropriation for 27 Highways, construction guidelines 1734 Resource Recovery Act of 1970 1227 Environmental Education, Advisory Council on, establishment 1314 Environmental Education Act __ 1312 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 1989 Environmental Health Sciences, National Institute of, appropriation for 31, 2009 Environmental Health Service, Consumer Protection and, appropriation for.27,393, 2005 Environmental Improvement Act of 1970, National, appropriation for effecting programs 1454 Environmental Policy Act of 1969, National, appropriation for effecting provisions 379, 1454 Environmental Pollution, Presidential s t u d y of hazards to human health and safety created by 1310 Environmental Protection, urban mass transportation programs 966 Environmental Protection Agency: Administrator, Deputy, and assistants, appointment 2086, 2087 Appropriation for — 1992 Clean Air Act. See separate title. Clean Air Amendments of 1970 1676 Establishment 2086 Noise A b a t e m e n t and Control, Office of, establishment 1709 Noise Pollution and A b a t e m e n t Act of 1970 1709 P o to m a c River pollution study 1939