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[84 STAT. A15]
[84 STAT. A15]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970

SUBJECT INDEX Economic Development Administration, Page appropriation for 391, 1049 Environmental Science Services Administration— Abolition 2093 Appropriation for 391, 1051 Field Services, Office of, appropriation for 384, 391, 1051 » Florida-Georgia boundary agreement, survey and marking 1095 ' Foreign Direct Investments, appropriation for 391, 1051 General provisions. Appropriation Act - 1054 Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway, insurance rates for vessels, report 1820 International activities, appropriation for 391, 1050 International expositions, establishment of standards 272 International Travel Act of 1961— Amendments— ,v^ Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Tourism, appointment - 1072 'ivno Tourism to United States, promotion 1071 Appropriation for effecting provisions- 1051 Maritime Administration— Appropriation for 384, 391, 1053, 1993 Assistant Secretary of Commerce for M a r i t i m e Affairs, appointment - 1038 Conflict-of-interest provisions, repeal of application 1036 General provisions. Appropriation Act 1054 Programs, authorization of funds 207 M e r c h a n t Marine Act, 1936. See separate title. Merchant Marine Act of 1970 1018 Minority Business Enterprise, appropriation for 391, 1051 National Bureau of Standards, appropriation for 391, 1052 National Industrial Pollution Control Council, appropriation for 1051 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration— Commissioned officers, status and benefits 1863 Estabhshment 2090 National Tourism Resources Review Commission, member 1073 P a t e n t Office, apiaropriation for 391, 1052 Poison prevention packaging, technical advisory committee, members1672 Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965— Amendments, extension of program, funds for grants, etc 375


Appropriation for efltecting provi- Page sions 1049, 1050 Conforming amendment 235 Regional Action Planning Commissions, appropriation for 1050 Studies, special, compilations, reports, etc., authorization 864 Telecommunications, Office of, appropriation for 1993 United States Fishing Fleet Improvement Act, amendments, construction, remodeUng of vessels, etc., subsidy program 307 United States Travel Service, appropriation for 1051 Vessels, control of sewage pollution, cooperation 101 Water pollution by oil, study on control98 Western Interstate Nuclear Board, cooperation 986 Commerce Act, Interstate, Amendments: I m m u n i t y provisions, repeal 931 Income tax, multiple withholding, int e r s t a t e carriers and employees, exemption 1499 Water carriers, bulk commodities 1587 Commercial Fisheries, Bureau of: Abolition 2093 Appropriation for 396, 675 Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act of 1964, appropriation for effecting provisions 676 Commission of Fine Arts, appropriation for 683 Commission on Civil Rights: Appropriation for 1058 Extension; compensation of members, per diem 1356 Commission on Government Procurement, appropriation for 1443 Commission on Revision of the Criminal Laws of the District of Columbia, abolition of 667 Commission on the Organization of the Government of the District of Columbia: Appropriation for 198 2 Establishment 84 5 Commission on the Review of the National Policy Toward Gambling, establishment 938 Commissions, Committees, Councils, Etc., Establishment: Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Advisory Council on 1853 Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institute on 1848 American Shipbuilding, Commission on_ 1037 Aviation Advisory Commission 222