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[84 STAT. A43]
[84 STAT. A43]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970



Page Hazardous Materials Transportation Con- Page trol Act of 1970 977 1941 2066 Hazardous Substances, water pollution, control 98 Hazardous Substances Act, Federal: Amendments, misbranded hazardous 884 substances 1673 2048 Appropriation for effecting provisions. 27, 2005 1720 Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of: 1967 Air pollution control, appropriation fori 27 American Printing House for the Blind, 1969 appropriation for 41, 2014 Appropriation Act, 1970 27 H Appropriation Act, 1971 2005 Appropriation for 4, Haida Indians of Alaska, disposition of 12, 27, 382, 385, 393, 683, 1059, 1456, judgment funds 431 1860, 1988, 2005 Handicapped: Appropriations, 1970, continuing 4 Blind. See separate title. Child Development, Office of, appropriaBooks for, appropriation for 822 tion for 1989, 2014 Education, appropriation for 36 Child Protection and Toy Safety Act, Education of the Handicapped Act 175 appropriation for effecting proHousing, congregate 1773, 1777 visions 2005 National Center on Educational Media Civil Rights, Office for, appropriation and Materials for the Handicapped, for 2014 establishment 187 Clean Air Act. See separate title. National Employ the Handicapped Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of Week, designation 914 1969, appropriation for effecting National Employ the Physically H and i provisions 40, 2005, 2013 capped Week, 1970, proclamation.. 2244 Communicable Disease Control AmendPublic buildings, construction of faciliments of 1970 988 ties for 49 Community Mental Health Centers Act. Urban mass transportation, facilities for special needs of 967 See separate title. Veterans, disabled, loans for housing.. 1109 Community M e n t a l Health Centers Amendments of 1970 54 Handicapped, Bureau for Education and Training of the, establishment 177 Amendments, staffing grants, inHandicapped Children, National Advisory crease 1308 Committee on, establishment 177 Comprehensive Alcohol A b u s e and AlHandicapped Children's Early Education coholism P r e v e n t i o n, T r e a t m e n t, Assistance Act of 1968, appropriation and R e h a b i l i t a t i o n Act of 1970 1848 for effecting provisions 36 Comprehensive D r u g Abuse P r e v e n t i o n Harvest Festival Weelc, Day of Bread and: and Control Act of 1970 1236 Designation 887 Consumer Protection and EnvironProclamation 2252 m e n t a l Health Service, a p p r o p r i a Hatch Act, appropriation for effecting prot i o n for 27, 393, 2005 visions 1483 Controlled Substances Act 1242 Hawaii: Controlled Substances I m p o r t and E x Coral reefs, seastar "Crown of T h o r n s ", p o r t Act 1285 s t u d y and control along 884 Departmental Management, appropriaFort Ruger Military Reservation, land tion for 42 exchange with Department of the D e p e n d e n t ' s Medical Care Act, approArmy 1479 priation for effecting provisions. 30, 2008 Kewalo Basin, Honolulu, damages to the Development a l Disabilities Services and State pier, waiver of statute of limitation to claim 1475 Facilities Construction Act— Appropriation for effecting proWestern I n t e r s t a t e Nuclear Compact, eligible party 985 visions 2007, 2012 Hay, production on set-aside acreage 1382 C i t a t i o n of title 1327

Great Seal of the United States, protection from misuse Greece, naval vessel, extension of l o a n., Guam: Coral reefs, seastar " C r o w n of T h o r n s ", s t u d y and control along Food s t a m p program, inclusion Territorial highway program Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fla.Miss., establishment Gulf Islands National Seashore Advisory Commission, establishment