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[84 STAT. 1513]
[84 STAT. 1513]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970

84 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 91-575-DEC. 24, 1970

"2.4—COMPENSATION. Members of the commission and alternates shall serve without compensation from the commission but may be reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred in and incident to the performance of their duties. "2.5—VOTING POWER. Each member is entitled to one vote. No action of the commission may be taken unless three of the four members vote in favor thereof. "2.6—ORGANIZATION AND PROCEDURE. The commission shall provide for its own organization and procedure, and shall adopt the rules and regulations governing its meetings and transactions. I t shall organize annually by the election of a chairman and vice-chairman from among its members. I t shall provide by its rules for the appointment by each member in his discretion of an advisor to serve without compensation from the commission, Avho may attend all meetings of the commission and its committees. "2.7—JURISDICTION OF THE COMMISSION. The commission shall have, exercise, and discharge its functions, powers, and duties within the limits of the basin. Outside the basin, the commission shall act at its discretion, but only to the extent necessary to implement its responsibilities within the basin, and where necessary subject to the consent of the state wherein it proposes to act. "ARTICLE 3 "POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE COMMISSION "SECTION 3.1—GENERAL. The Commission shall develop and effectu-

ate plans, policies, and projects relating to the water resources of the basin. I t shall adopt and promote uniform and coordinated policies for water resources conservation and management in the basin. I t shall encourage and direct the planning, development, operation, and subject to applicable laws the financing of water resources projects according to such plans and policies. "3.2—POLICY. I t is the policy of the signatory parties to preserve and utilize the functions, powers, and duties of the existing offices and agencies of government to the extent consistent with this compact, and the commission is directed to utilize those offices and agencies for the purposes of this compact. "3.3—COMPREHENSIVE PLAN, PROGRAM AND BUT)GETS. The commission in accordance with Article 14 of this compact, shall formulate and adopt: " 1. A comprehensive plan, after consultation with appropriate water users and interested public bodies for the immediate and long range development and use of the water resources of the basin; "2. A water resources program, based upon the comprehensive plan, which shall include a systematic presentation of the quantity and quality of water resources needs of the area to be served for such reasonably foreseeable period as the commission may determine, balanced by existing and proposed projects required to satisfy such needs, including all public and private projects affecting the basin, together with a separate statement of the projects proposed to be undertaken by the commission during such period; and "3. An annual current expense budget and an annual capital budget consistent with the commission's program, projects, and facilities for the budget period. "3.4—POWERS OF COMMISSION. The commission may: " 1. Plan, design, acquire, construct, reconstruct, complete, own, improve, extend, develop, operate, and maintain any and all projects,