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[84 STAT. 1386]
[84 STAT. 1386]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970

/ 1386

PUBLIC LAW 91-527-DEC. 3, 1970



DRUG ABUSE EDUCATION PROJECTS Grants* Contract authority.

SEC. 3. (a) The Secretary shall carry out a program of making grants to, and contracts with, institutions of higher education. State and local educational agencies, and other public and private education or research agencies, institutions, and organizations to support research, demonstration, and pilot projects designed to educate the public on problems related to drug abuse. Curricula, de(b) Funds appropriated for grants and contracts under this section velopment and shall be available for such activities as— evaluation. (1) projects for the development of curricula on the use and abuse of drugs, including the evaluation and selection of exemplary existing materials and the preparation of new and improved curricular materials for use in elementary, secondary, adult, and community education programs; (2) projects designed to demonstrate, and test the effectiveness of curricula described in clause (1) (whether developed with assistance under this Act or otherwise); (3) in the case of applicants who have conducted projects under clause (2), projects for the dissemination of curricular materials and other significant information regarding the use and abuse of drugs to public and private elementary, secondary, adult and community education programs; (4) evaluations of the effectiveness of curricula tested in use in elementary, secondary, and adult and community education programs involved in projects described in clause (2); Training programs (5) preservice and inservice training programs on drug abuse (including courses of study, institutes, seminars, workshops, and conferences) for teachers, counselors, and other educational personnel, law enforcement officials, and other public service and community leaders and personnel; (6) community education programs on drug abuse (including seminars, workshops, and conferences) especially for parents and others in the community; (7) evaluations of the training and community education programs described in clauses (5) and (6), including the examination of the intended and actual impact of such programs, the identification of strengths and weaknesses in such programs, and the evaluation of materials used in such programs; (8) programs or projects to recruit, train, organize and employ professional and other persons, including former drug abusers or drug dependent persons, to organize and participate in programs of public education in drug abuse. In the case of activities described in clauses (4) and (7), the Secretary may undertake such activities directly or through grants or contracts. Local educa(c) In addition to the purposes described in subsection (b) of this tional agencies, section, funds in an amount not to exceed 5 per centum of the sums financial assistappropriated to carry out this section may be made available for the payment of reasonable and necessary expenses of State educational agencies in assisting local educational agencies in the planning development, and implementation of drug abuse education programs. Application for (d)(1) Financial assistance for a project under this section may be assistance, remade only upon application at such time or times, in such manner, and quirements. containing or accompanied by such information as the Secretary deems necessary, and only if such application—