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[85 STAT. C12]
[85 STAT. C12]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971



Corporation for Public Broadcasting, ap- Page propriation for 106 Corporations: Commodity Credit Corporation, appropriation for 190 District of Columbia Professional Corporation Act 576 Domestic international sales, tax a t i o n. _ 535 Export trade, tax t r e a t m e n t 551 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, appropriation for 190 Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, p r e payment of premiums by insured institutions to_ 776 Foreign, taxes, distribution 526 Government Corporation Control Act— Amendment, R u r a l Telephone Bank, a mixed-ownership Government corporation" 37 Appropriation for effecting provisions 105, 206, 211 R u r a l Telephone Bank, establishment30 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, appropriation for 70, 210 Corrupt Practices Act, 1925, Federal, Amendment, " State ", inclusion of District of Columbia 795 Cost-Accounting Standards Board, appropriation for 143 Cost-of-Living Stabilization, prices, wages rents, etc., extension of Presidential authority 13, 38 Costa Rica, animal disease control. United States cooperation with 418 Cotton Ginners, records and reports 393 Council on Environmental Quality, appropriation for 194 Country Music Month, 1971, proclamation 948 Court of Military Appeals, appropriation for 721 Courts, United States: Administrative Office, appropriation for. 263 Appeals, Courts of, appropriation for.. 58, 262 Appeals, Temporary Emergency Court of, creation 749 Claims, United States Court of— Appropriation for 58, 262 Chief Commissioner, Alaska, settlement of land claims 712 Renegotiation cases, jurisdiction 98 Customs and P a t e n t Appeals, Court of, appropriation for 57, 262 Customs Court, appropriation for 58, 262 District Courts— Appropriation for 58, 262 Boat safety standards, jurisdiction 227 Cost-of-living stabilization, jurisdiction 748

Louisiana, additional judicial dis- Page trict 741 Mailing of hazardous articles, advertisement soliciting, jurisdiction.. 647 Federal Judicial Center, appropriation for 264 Supreme Court of the United States— Appropriation for 57, 261 Renegotiation cases, review of claims decisions 98 Tax Court, United States— Appropriation for 57, 120 Judges, recalling of retired; annuities, computation 99 Credit Union Act, Federal, Amendments, share insurance, time extension to meet requirements 796 Crimes and Misdemeanors: Alaska land claims settlement, penalties for violations 691, 712 Boat Safety Act of 1971, Federal, penalties for violations under 226 Detention camps, citizen imprisonment 347 District of Columbia firemen, assaults on, penalties 316 District of Columbia gas companies, violation of regulations, penalty 319 District of Columbia Professional Corporation Act, penalties for violations under 582 Economic stabilization, penalties for violations 747 Fish products, importation from certain countries, penalties for violation s.. 786 Mailing of hazardous articles, advertisem e n t soliciting 647 Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Act of 1950, penalties for violations under. 312 Overthrow of the Government, advocacy by employees 366 Shooting of wildlife from aircraft, penalties for violation 480 Taxes, penalties for violations _ 529, 551, 570 Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Radiotelephone Act, penalties for violations 164 Weather modification activities, reporting requirements, penalties for violations 736 Welfare recipients' identification cards, penalty for unauthorized use 658 Wild horses and burros on public land, protection, penalties for violations. 651 Crop Insurance Corporation, Federal, appropriation for 60, 190 Crow Creek Sioux Reservation, S. Dak., townsite construction 798 Cuba, sugar reserves 382