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[85 STAT. C41]
[85 STAT. C41]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

SUBJECT INDEX Schools and Colleges. See also Education. Page Armed Forces, student induction deferment 350 Busing of students, restriction on use of funds for 107 Campus disruptors, denial of financial assistance 106, 177, 271, 301, 309, 734 Child Nutrition Act of 1966— Amendments, extension of program, authorization of funds 85 Appropriation for effecting provisions 88, 199, 200 School breakfast program, use of funds for 420 "Comprehensive Preschool Education and Child Day-Care Act of 1969", hearings on, printing of additional copies 866 District of Columbia, school fare subsidy, extension 315 Emergency Insured Student Loan Act of 1969, appropriation for effecting provisions 104 Federally affected areas, appropriation for assistance in 103 Gallaudet College, appropriation for 65, 106 Health training programs, grants and loans, extension 144 Housing loans, appropriation for 66 Howard University, District of Columbia, appropriation for 65, 106, 632 Medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, veterinary, optometry, pharmacy and podiatry, grants 437 Military recruiters barred from campuses, funds for grants, restriction._ 427 National School Lunch Act— Amendments— Extension of program; authorization of funds 85 Meals for needy children, use of funds for 419 Appropriation for effecting provisions. 199 National School Lunch Week, 1971, proclamation 945 Navajo Community College Act 646 Nurse Training Act of 1971 465 University of North Dakota, land conveyance to 415 "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, copyright granted 857 Science and Technology, Office of, appropriation for 58, 276 Science Foundation, National: Appropriation for 278 Research programs, appropriation authorization 308 Science Foundation Act of 1950, National, appropriation for effecting provisions. 278


Science Information Exchange, appropria- Page tion for 244 Second Liberty Bond Act, Amendments: Public debt limit, increase 5 United States obligations, maximum 5 Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1971 40 Secret Service, United States: Appropriation for 70, 110 Total disability retirement, payment of medical expenses 341 Securities, United States, lost or stolen, relief to owners 74 Securities and Exchange Commission: Appropriation for 44, 73, 279, 627 Emergency Loan Guarantee Board, member 178 Security Risks, detention of internal, repeal of provisions 348 Selective Service System, appropriation for 73, 279 Selenium, disposition from national stockpile 332 Senate. See also Congress; Legislative Branch of the Government. Adjournment 863-866, 868 Adjournment, sine die 871 Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Committee on, reports by National Aeronautics and Space Administration 175, 176 Appointments with advice and consent of. See Appointments by, with advice and consent of the Senate under President of the United States. Appropriation for 55, 125,633 Appropriations, Committee on, report by Army Department on military construction, etc 396 Armed Services, Committee on, reports to— Army, Department of the, military construction, etc 396 Air Force, Department of the, military construction, etc 404 Defense, Department of— Military construction, etc 401, 405 Volunteer enlistment 360 Navy, Department of the, military construction, etc 400 Compensation of members, appropriation for 125 Contingent expenses, appropriation for 48, 49, 55, 56, 127, 134, 634 Interior and Insular Affairs, Committee on, audit report. Regional Corporations of Alaska 694