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[85 STAT. 232]
[85 STAT. 232]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971


^61 Stat. 102; 72 Stat. 5 4 1.

PUBLIC LAW 92-76-AUG. 10, 1971

[85 STAT.

Secretary: Provided further, That nothing contained in this paragraph or in any other provision of law shall be construed to authorize the expenditure of funds derived from appropriations in satisfaction of awards of the Indian Claims Commission and the Court of Claims, except for such amounts as may be necessary to pay attorney fees, expenses of litigation, and expenses of program planning, until after legislation has been enacted that sets forth the purposes for which said funds will be used: Provided further, That the limitations contained in the foregoing paragraph shall not apply to any judgment proceeds or other funds, revenues or receipts, due the Shoshone Indian Tribe of the Wind River Reservation, tVyoming, and any such funds may be distributed to them under the provisions of the Act of May 19^ 1947, as amended (25 U.S.C. 611-613): Provided, however, That no part of this appropriation or other tribal funds shall be used for the acquisition of land or water rights within the States of Nevada and Oregon, either inside or outside the boundaries of existing Indian reservations, if such acquisition results in the property being exempted from local taxation. ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS

49 Stat. 1458 82 Stat. 4

25 USC 309.

Appropriations for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (except the revolving fund for loans) shall be available for expenses of exhibits; purchase of not to exceed one hundred twenty-four passenger motor vehicles of which ninety-one shall be for replacement only, including one hundred sixteen for police-type use which may be used for the transportation of Indians; advance payments for service (including services which may extend beyond the current fiscal year) under contracts executed pursuant to the Act of June 4, 1936 (25 U.S.C. 452), the Act of August 3, 1956 (70 Stat. 986), and legislation terminating Federal supervision over certain Indian tribes; and expenses required by continuing or permanent treaty provisions. BUREAU OF OUTDOOR RECREATION SALARIES A N D EXPENSES

For necessary expenses of the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, not otherwise provided for, $3,949,000. LAND AND WATER


For expenses necessary to carry out the provisions of the Land and Water Conservation F u n d Act of 1965 as amended (82 Stat. 78 stau 897. ^ 354), iucluding $4,831,000 for administrative expenses of the Bureau 16 USC 460Z-4 .. ^^ Outdoor Recreation during the current fiscal year, and acquisition note,,o^ >,.«j., of land or waters, or interest therein, in accordance with the statutory authority applicable to the State or Federal agency concerned, to be derived from the Land and Water Conservation Fund, established b^ section 2 of said Act as amended, and to remain available until expended, not to exceed $361,500,000, of which (1) not to exceed $255,000,000 shall be available for payments to the States to be matched by the individual States with an equal amount; (2) not to exceed $68,030,000 shall be available to the National P a r k Service; (3) not to exceed $29,652,000 shall be available to the Forest Service; (4) not to exceed $3,488,000 shall be available to the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife; and (5) not to exceed $499,000 shall be available to the Bureau of Land Management.