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[86 STAT. 276]
[86 STAT. 276]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1972


PUBLIC LAW 92-318-JUNE 23, 1972

[86 STAT.

('2) is capable, in the opinion of the institution, of maintaininogood standing in such course of study; "(3) has been accepted for enrollment as an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student in such institution, or, in the case of a student already in attendance at such institution, is in good standing; and " (4) is carrying at least one-half the normal academic AA'orkload, as determined by the institution. Ill an}' which a student has been determined to be eligible for a loan under the preceding sentence, and such student thereafter fails to maintain good standing, the eligibility of such student shall, upon notice to the Commissioner, be suspended, and further payments to, or on behalf of. such student shall not be made until such student regains good standing. "'(c)(1) Any agreement between an institution and a student for

i loan from a student loan fund assisted under this part—

" (A) shall be evidenced by note or other written instnunent which, except as provided in paragraph (2), provides for repayment of the principal amount of the loan, together with interest thereon, in equal installments (or, if the borrower so requests, in graduated periodic installments determined in accordance with such schedules as may be approved by the Commissioner) payable quarterly, bimonthly, or monthly, at the option of the institution, over a period beginning nine months after the date on which the student ceases to carry, at an institution of higher education or a comparable institution outside the United States approved for this purpose by the Commissioner, at least one-half the normal fulltime academic workload, and ending ten years and nine months after such date; " (B) shall include provision for acceleration of repayment of the whole, or any part, of such loan, at the option of the borrower; " (C) may provide, at the option.of the institution in accordance with regulations of the Commissioner, that during the repayment period of the loan, payments of principal and interest by the borrower with respect to all outstanding loans made to him from student loan funds assisted under this part shall be at a rate equal to not less than $30 per month; " (D) shall provide that the loan shall bear interest, on the unpaid balance of the loan, at the rate of 3 per centum per annum, except that no interest shall accrue (i) prior to the beginning date of repayment determined under clause (A)(i) or (ii) during any l)eriod in which repayment is suspended by reason of paragraph (2); " (E) unless the borrower is a minor and the note or other evidence of obligation executed by him would not, under applicable law, create a binding obligation, shall provide that the loan shall be made without security and without endorsement; " (F) shall provide that no note or evidence of obligation may be assigned by the lender, except upon the transfer of the borrower to another institution participating under this part (or, if not so participating, is eligible to do so and is approved by the Commissioner for such purpose), to such institution; and " (G) may, pursuant to regulations of the Commissioner, provide for an assessment of a charge with respect to the loan for failure of the borrower (i) to pay all or part of an installment when it is due or (ii) to file timely and satisfactory evidence of an entitlement of the borrower to a deferment of repayment benefit or a cancellation benefit provided under this part.