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[86 STAT. 310]
[86 STAT. 310]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1972


Limitation. Post, p. 311.

PUBLIC LAW 92-318-JUNE 23, 1972

[86 STAT.

"(b)(1) The Commissioner is authorized to award mider the provisions of this part not to exceed five hmidred fellowships for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1973, and for each of the two succeeding fiscal years. Appropriations made pursuant to section 965 for fellowships awarded under clause (2) of subsection (a) of this section may not exceed $1,000,000 in any fiscal year. "(2) I n addition to the number of fellowships authorized to be awarded under paragraph (1), the Commissioner is authorized to award fellowships equal to the number previously awarded during any fiscal year under this part but vacated prior to the end of the period for- which they were awarded except that each fellowship awarded under this paragraph shall be for such period of graduate or professional work or research not in excess of the remainder of the period for which the fellow-ship it replaces was awarded as the Commissioner may determine. "(c) Fellowships awarded under this part shall be for graduate and professional study leading to an advanced degree or research incident to the presentation of a doctoral dissertation. Such fellowships may be awarded for graduate and professional study and research at any institution of higher education or any other research center approved for such purpose by the Commissioner. Such fellowships shall be awarded for such periods as the Commissioner may determine but not to exceed three years. " A W A R D o r FELLOWSHIPS

"SEC. 962. Recipients of fellowships under this part shall be— " (1) persons who have been accepted by an institution of higher education for graduate study leading to an advanced degree or for a professional degree, or "(2) persons who have completed all course work required for granting of a doctoral degree or an equivalent degree (except such course work credited on the dissertation) and comprehensive examinations where appropriate, and whose doctoral dissertation (or other equivalent dissertation) proposal has been approved by appropriate officials of an institution of higher education. u STIPENDS AND INSTITUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION ALLOWANCES

Travel allowance.

"SEC. 963. (a) The Commissioner shall pay to persons awarded fellowships under this part such stipends as he may determine to be consistent with prevailing practices under comparable federally supported programs, except that the stipend shall not be less than $2,800 for each academic year study. An additional amount of $300 for each such year shall be paid to each such person on account of each of his dependents, not to exceed the amount of $1,500 per academic year. "(b) In addition to the amount paid to persons pursuant to subsection (a) there shall be paid to the institution of higher education at which each such person is pursuing his course of study an amount equal to 150 per centum of the amount paid to such person, less the amount paid on account of each of such person's dependents, to such person, less any amount charged such person for tuition. "(c) The Commissioner shall reimburse any person awarded a fellowship pursuant to this part for actual and necessary traveling expenses of such person and his dependents from his ordinary place of residence to the institution of higher education, library, archive, or other research center where he will pursue his studies under such fellowship, and to return to such residence.