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[87 STAT. 571]
[87 STAT. 571]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1973

87 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 93-152-NOV. 13, 1973 "ARTICLE


"A. On or before December 31 of each year, following the effective (late of this Compact, the Commission shall determine the stateline yields of the Arkansas Kiver Basin for the previous water year. " B. Any depletion of annual yield in excess of that allowed by the provisions of this Compact shall, subject to the control of the Commission, be delivered to the downstream State, and said delivery shall consist of not less than sixty percent (60%) of the current runoff of the basin. C. Methods for determining the annual yield of each of the subbasins shall be those developed and approved by the Commission. "ARTICLE


"A. Each State may construct, own and operate for its needs water storage reservoirs in the other State: Provided, lioivever^ That nothing contained in this Compact or its ratification by Arkansas or Oklahoma shall be interpreted as granting either State or the parties hereto the r'ight or power of eminent domain in any manner whatsoever outside the borders of its own State. " B. Depletion in annual yield of any sub-basin of the Arkansas River Basin caused by the operation of any water storage reservoir either heretofore or hereafter constructed by the United States or any of its agencies, instrumentalities or wards, or by a State, political subdivision thereof, or any person or persons shall be charged against the State in which the yield therefrom is utilized. "C. Each State shall have the free and unrestricted right to utilize the natural channel of any stream within the Arkansas River Basin for conveyance through the other State of waters released from any water- storage reseivoir for an intended downstream point of diversion or use without loss of ownership of such waters: Provided, however, That a reduction shall be made in the amount of water which can be withdrawn at point of removal, equal to the transmission losses. "ARTICLE V T I

"The States of Arkansas and Oklahoma mutually agree to: "A. The principle of individual State effort to abate man-made pollution within each State's respective borders, and the continuing suppoit of both States in an active pollution abatement program; " B. The cooperation of the appropriate State agencies in the States of Arkansas and Oklahoma to investigate and abate sources of alleged interstate pollution within the Arkansas River Basin; "C. Enter into joint programs for the identification and control of sources of pollution of the waters of the Arkansas River and its tributaries which are of interstate significance; "D. The principle that neither State may require the other to pro\ide water for the purpose of water quality control as a substitute for adeqiiate waste treatment; " E. Utilize the provisions of all Federal and State water pollution hnvs and to recognize such water quality standards as may be now or hereafter established under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act ^^ Stat. sie. in the resolution of any pollution problems affecting the waters of note."^^ ^^^^ the Arkansas River Basin.