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[87 STAT. 574]
[87 STAT. 574]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1973



PUBLIC LAW 93-152-NOV. 13, 1973

[87 STAT.

"(8) Make and file official certified copies of any of its findings, recommendations or reports with such officers or agencies of either State, or the United States as may have any interest in or jurisdiction over the subject matter. Findings of fact made by the Commission shall be admissible in evidence and shall constitute prima facie evidence of such fact in any court or before any agency of competent jurisdiction. The making of findings, recommendations, or reports by the Commission shall not be a condition precedent to instituting or maintaining any action or proceeding of any kind by a signatory State in any court, or before any tribunal agency or officer, for the protection of any right under this Compact or for the enforcement of any of its provisions; "(9) Secure from the head of any department or agency of the Federal or State government such information, suggestions, estimates and statistics as it may need or believe to be useful for carrying out its functions and as may be available to or procurable by the department or agency to which the request is addressed; "(10) P r i n t or otherwise reproduce and distribute all of its proceedings and reports; and "(11) Accept, for the purposes of this Compact, any and all private donations and gifts and Federal grants of money. " B. The Commission shall: "(1) Cause to be established, maintained and operated such stream, reservoir or other gaging stations as may be necessary for the proper administration of this Compact; "(2) Collect, analyze and report on data as to stream flows, water quality, annual yields and such other information as is necessary for the proper administration of this Compact; "(3) Continue research for developing methods of determining total basin yields; " (4) Perform all other functions required of it by the Compact and do all things necessary, proper or convenient in the performance of its duties thereunder; "(5) Establish and maintain the'Arkansas-Oklahoma Arkansas Kiver Compact Fund,' consisting of any and all funds received by the Commission under the authority of this Compact and deposited in one or more banks qualifying for the deposit of public funds of the signatory States; "(6) Prepare and submit an annual report to the Governor of each signatory State and to the President of the United States covering the activities of the Commission for the preceding fiscal year, together with an accounting of all funds received and expended by it in the conduct of its work; " (7) Prepare and submit to the Governor of each of the States of Arkansas and Oklahoma an annual budget covering the anticipated expenses of the Commission for the following fiscal year; and "(8) Make available to the Governor or any State agency of either State or to any authorized representative of the United States, upon request, any information within its possession.