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[87 STAT. 576]
[87 STAT. 576]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1973

PUBLIC LAW 93-153-NOV. 16, 1973


[87 STAT.

"Done at the City of Little Kock, State of Arkansas, this 16th day of March A.D., 1070. " FOR ARKANSAS: " S. K E I T H JACKSON,


"Committee Member.

"Committee Member.



"Committee Member. "Committee Member. "Approved: TRIGG TWICHELL, Representative, United States of America. "Attest: WiLLARD B. MILLS, Secretary." SEC. 2. I n order to carry out the purposes of this Act, and the purposes of article X III of this compact consented to by Congress by this Act, the congressional consent to this compact includes and expressly gives the consent of Congress to have the United States of America named and joined as a party litigant in any litigation in the United States Supreme Court, if the United States of America is an indispensable party to such litigation, and if the litigation arises out of this compact, or its application, and if a signatory State to this compact is a party litigant, in the litigation. SEC. 3. The right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act, is expressly reserved. Approved November 13, 1973.

Public Law 93-153 November 16, 1973 [S.1081]

AN ACT To amend section 28 of the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920, and to authorize a trans-Alaska oil pipeline, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives Mineral Leasing iTUed Stotes of AmeHca in Congress assembled,

Ac of 1920, ct amendments and t r a n s - A l a s k a oil pipeline authorization. 67 Stat. 557.

7/star'79o^°' 30 USC 181.



of the


TITLE I SECTION 101. Section 28 of the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 (41 Stat. 449), as amended (30 U.S.C. 185), is further amended to read as follows: "Grant of Authority "SEC. 28. (a) Rights-of-way through any Federal lands may be granted hj the Secretary of the Interior or appropriate agency head for pipeline purposes for the transportation of oil, natural gas, synthetic liquid or gaseous fuels, or any refined product produced therefrom to any applicant possessing the qualifications provided in section 1 of this Act, as amended, in accordance with the provisions of this section.