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[87 STAT. 624]
[87 STAT. 624]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1973


PUBLIC LAW 93-157-NOV. 21, 1973

[87 STAT.


81 Stat. 948. ^^^* *

SEC. 2. As used in this Act— (a) The term "rent" means the entire amount of money, money's worth, bonus, benefit, or gratuity demanded, received, or charged by the lessor or landlord to a lessee or tenant as a condition of occupancy and use of a residence and its related facilities including, but not limited to, charges for parking and utilities and the use of recreational facilities if provided. (b) The term "residence" means a room, apartment, efficiency, group of rooms, or a single family dwelling or other residence rented, leased, or offered for rent or lease for dwelling purposes as a unit in a structure used or which may be used as a dwelling place located in the District of Columbia. This term shall not include any room or space rented, leased, or offered for rent or lease which is located in a hotel, motel, or other unit used for transient occupancy. (c) The term "landlord" means an owner, lessor, sublessor, assign, or other person receiving or entitled to receive the rents or benefits thereof for the use or occupancy of any residence as herein defined and it shall also mean the agent of the foregoing. (d) The term "tenant" means a tenant, subtenant, lessee, sublessee, or other person entitled to the possession or to the use or the occupancy or the benefits thereof of any residence as herein defined. (e) The terni "Council" nieans the District of Columbia Council established under Keorganizaticm Plan Nmnbered 3 of 1967. (f) The term "person" means an individiuil, corporation, partnership, association, joint venture, or any organized group of individuals or the legal successor or assigns or representatives of the foregoing. rOWERS OF THE DISTIUCT OF COLUMBIA COUNCIL


SEC. 3. (a) Within sixty calendar days after the date of enactment of this Act, and thereafter at such times as the Council deems necessary, the Council shall hold public hearings to determine whether a situation exists in the District of Columbia by reason of the shortage of leased or rental residences which is causing serious overcrowding or increasing rents which are contrary to the public health, safety, and ^^ucral Welfare of the tenants and the District of Columbia. If the Council makes such a determination then the Council is authorized to adopt such rules as it determines necessary and appropriate to regulate and stabilize rents in the District of Columbia, including rules regarding retaliatory action specifically prohibited under section 5 of this Act, except that any such rules so adopted to stabilize and regulate the amount of rent or benefits which a landlord is entitled to receive for the use or occupancy by any tenant of any residence shall provide means whereby increased costs incurred by such landlord and directly related to such residence shall be taken into consideration in determin-