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[88 STAT. 1230]
[88 STAT. 1230]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975


Travel expenses


Civil reserve air fleet.

Civilian cloth-


Defense cont r a c to r s ' adver tising c o s t s, re


New facilities,

PUBLIC LAW 93-437-OCT. 8, 1974

[88 STAT.

Rifle Practice, and without reimbursement, transfer from agencies of the Department of Defense to the board ammunition from stock or which has been procured for the purposes in such amounts as he may determine. Such appropriations of the Department of Defense available for obligation during the current fiscal year as may be designated by the Secretary of Defense shall be available for the travel expenses of military and naval personnel, including the Reserve components, and members of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps attending regional, national, or international rifle matches. ^^^' ^^^' ^ u u d s provided in this Act for congressional liaison activities of the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Air Force, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense shall not exceed $1,320,000: Provided, That this amount shall be available for apportionment to the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Air Force, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense as determined by the Secretary of Defense. SEC. 830. Of the funds made available by this Act for the services of the Military Airlift Command, $100,000,000 shall be available only for procurement of commercial transportation service from carriers participating in the civil reserve air fleet program; and the Secretary of Defense shall utilize the services of such carriers which qualify as small businesses to the fullest extent found practicable: Provided, That the Secretary of Defense shall specify in such procurement, performance characteristics for aircraft to be used based upon modern aircraft ©iterated by the civil air fleet. gj,^^ gg]^ During the current fiscal year, appropriations available to the Department of Defense for operation may be used for civilian clothing, not to exceed $40 in cost for enlisted personnel: (1) discharged for misconduct, unfitness, unsuitability, or otherwise than honorably; (2) sentenced by a civil court to confinement in a civil prison or interned or discharged as an alien enemy; (3) discharged prior to completion of recruit training under honorable conditions for dependency, hardship, minority, disability, or for the convenience of the Government. SEC. 832. No part of the funds appropriated herein shall be available for paying the costs of advertising by any defense contractor, except advcrtlsing for which payment is made from profits, and such advertising shall not be considered a part of any defense contract cost. The prohibition contained in this section shall not apply with respect to advertising conducted by any such contractor, in compliance with regulations which shall fee promulgated by the Secretary of Defense, solely for (1) the recruitment by the contractor of personnel required for the performance by the contractor of obligations under a defense contract, (2) the procurement of scarce items required by the contractor for the performance of a defense contract, or (3) the disposal of scrap O * surplus materials acquired by the contractor in the perT formance of a defense contract. Q^^^^ g^^^ Fuuds appropriated in this Act for maintenance and repair of facilities and installations shall not be available for acquisition of new facilities, or alteration, expansion, extension, or addition of existing facilities, as defined in Department of Defense Directive 7040.2, dated January 18, 1961, in excess of $50,000: Provided. That the Secretary of Defense may amend or change the said directive during the current fiscal year, consistent with the purpose of this section.