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PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



Architectural and Transportation Barriers Page Compliance B o a r d: Consumer Advisory Panel, appointment 1621 Program extension l6l9 Archives and Records Service, National: American Indian Policy Review Commission, disposition of records and papers in 1913 Appropriation for 226, 626 Archives and records, transfer of certain to Alaska 1740 Federal Register. See separate title. National S t u d y Commission on Records and Documents of Federal Officials, s u p p o r t services 1701 Records m a i n t a i n e d on individuals, disclosure 1897, 1904 Arizona: Cocopah T r i b e of Indians, transfer of lands 269 G r and Canyon National Monument, abolishment 2090 Grand C any o n National P a r k E n largement Act 2089 H a v a s u p a i Indians, lands held in t r u s t for 2091 Hopi and Navajo Tribes, land dispute, settlement 1712 H u a l a p a i Indian Tribe, lands held in t r u s t for 1820 Lake M e a d National Recreation Area, appropriation ceiling increase 1445 Marble C any o n National Monument, abolishment 2090 Navajo Tribe, lands held in t r u s t 1490 P a i n t e d Rock D a m, land acquisition for Department of the Interior 268 P a i u t e Indians, land allotment to certain 1716 San Carlos Apache Indian Tribe, lands held in t r u s t for 1711 T u b a City High School Public School District, assistance 1783 Y u m a, municipal and industrial water delivery system, feasibility s t u d y. _ 1498 Y u m a County, land conveyance 1895 Arizona, Community Act of 1974, Page.__ 1486 Arkansas: Caney Creek Wilderness, designation. 2097 Certain real property, release of conditions 1925 Upper Buffalo Wilderness, designation.. 2097 Armed Forces. See also Uniformed Services and individual services. Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, etc., research and development, appropriation authorization 233, 400, 401 Aviation Career Incentive Act of 1974. _ 177 Aviation midshipman, service credit 1741 Child support and alimony obligations, garnishment of wages 2357 Claims, administrative settlement, increased limits 291 Commissary stores, surcharge 1765 Decorations for service in Southeast Asia, time limit for award of, extension 1422 Enlistments— High school diploma requirement, prohibition 234 Uniform qualifications for male and female persons 173 Federal procurement of property and services, increased ceiling 390

Funeral Transportation and Living Ex- Page pense Benefits Act of 1974 53 Insurance— Servicemen's Group Life Insurance— Maximum coverage, increase 166 National Guard, inclusion 165 Reserve components, inclusion 165 Veterans' Group Life Insurance 169 Members and civilians illegally detained in 1968, tax t r e a t m e n t 1953 Military bands, sale of recordings for American Revolution Bicentennial. 1868 Missing status—• Deceased members, funeral transportation and living expense benefits to families of 53 Joint income tax returns, filing by surviving spouse 1950 Memorial expenses for, reimbursement 2361 M o to r vehicles, shipment or r e s h i p m e n t. 1743 Moving expenses, tax s t a t u s of reimbursements for 1466 National Guard. See separate title. P a y and allowances— Aviation career incentive p a y 177 Certain c o m b a t pay, tax t r e a t m e n t.. 1950 Enlistment and reenlistment b o n u s e s. 119 Increases, computation 1152 Retirement pay, survivor a n n u i t i e s. _ 994 Prisoners of war, deceased, funeral transportation and living expense benefits to families of 53 Veterans. See separate title. Veterans' Insurance Act of 1974 165 Armed Forces Day, proclamation 2460 Armed Forces Enlisted P e r s o n n e l Bonus Revision Act of 1974 119 Arms Control and D i s a r m a m e n t Act: Amendment, experts and consultants, payment 289 Appropriation for effecting provisions __ 1204 Arms Control and D i s a r m a m e n t Agency, United States: Appropriation for 227, 1204 Authorization of funds 289 Army, Department of the. See also Armed Forces; Defense, Department of. Active d u t y personnel strength 401 Aircraft, missiles, etc.— Appropriation for procurement 197, 1218 Research and development, appropriation authorization 233, 400, 401 Appropriation for 196, 207, 219, 1213 Band, sale of recordings for American Revolution Bicentennial 1868 Cemeterial expenses, appropriation for. 1099 Civilian personnel strength 403 Deputy Chiefs of Staff, increase in n u m b e r authorized 1742 Disciplinary employees, retirement benefits to certain 355 Engineers, Corps of. See separate title. Family housing, appropriation for 2181 First Infantry Division, United States Forces in Vietnam, monument 741 Flood control. See separate title. Hydroelectric generating facilities, construction and enlargement opportunities 114 Land conveyances— Andrew Jackson Lodge N o. 5, F r a ternal Order of Police, Nashville, Tenn 19

NOTE: Part 1 contains p ^ e s 1-1362; Part 2 contains p£«es 1363-2545.