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[88 STAT. C94]
[88 STAT. C94]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975



Unemployment Compensation Act of 1971, i*ase United States Customs 185th Anniversary Pase Emergency, Amendment, advances to Year, proclamation 2497 States, r e payment method 420 United States Customs Service, approUnemployment Compensation Act of 1974, priation for 614 Emergency 1869 United States Fish and Wildlife Service: Uniform Alcoholism and Intoxication Appropriation for 805 Treatment Act, grants for implestablishment of new 92 mentation 128 United States Housing Act of 1937: Uniformed Services. See also Armed Amendments, low-income housing asForces and individual services. sistance 653-667 Aviation Career Incentive Act of 1974_ 177 Appropriation for effecting provisions 1096 Aviation midshipman, service credit 1741 Low r e n t public housing, annual conClaims, administrative settlement, intribution contracts, retroactive efcreased limits 291 fect of repeal 668 Enlistments, uniform qualifications for Public facility and housing assistance, male and female persons 173 applications in areas affected by Insurance— major disasters, priority 151 Servicemen's Group Life Insurance— United States-Hungarian Claims AgreeMaximum coverage, increase 166 ment, determination of American national claims settled by 1386 National Guard, inclusion 165 Reserve components, inclusion 165 United States Information Agency: Veterans' Group Life Insurance 169 Appropriation for 210, 229, 1207 Medical officers— Authorization of funds 1439 Initial residency, continuation pay__ 792 International Ocean Exposition, auRevised p a y s t r u c t u r e 95 thorization of funds for 194 Moving expenses, tax s t a t u s of reimS t u d e n t dependents of employees, travel bursements for 1466 expenses 1443 P a y and allowances— United States Information and Educational Enlistment and reenlistment b o n u s e s. 119 Exchange Act of 1948: Increases, c o m p u t a t i o n 1152 Amendment, United States Information Personal property claims, limit on Agency, annual reports to Congress 1440 payment, increase 1381 Retirement p a y, survivor annuities 994 Appropriation for effecting provisions _. 1207 Scholarships, income tax exclusion 1458 United States International Trade ComTravel and transportation allowances mission: E a s t - W e s trade Statistics Monitoring to members incapacitated by illness. 1743 Veterans' Insurance Act of 1974 165 System 2065 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: I m p o r t relief, investigation 2011 Fossil fuels in, loans for research and I m p o r t s, exports, and production, uniexploration; production loans, form statistical d a t a; s t u d y... 2 0 7 3, 2074 prohibition 2335, 2336 New n a m e for United States Tariff Limitation on credit to. 2076 Commission 2009 Union Station, D.C.: Report s to, trade monitoring system 2041 Intermodal transportation terminal conU.S. duties, articles for modification, struction a t 1528, 1533 advice to President 1994 P a r k i n g facilities adjacent to, construcUnited States Magistrates, appropriation tion 1449 for 1202 United Arab Republic, restriction on asUnited States Military Academy, L a o t i a n sistance to, repeal 1813 citizen, attendance 244 United Nations Day, 1974, proclamation.._ 2490 United States National Committee on United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Vital and Health Statistics, establishCultural Organization, restriction on ment 366 ^ funds to 1798 United States Postal Service. See Postal United States Arms Control and DisarmaService, United States. ment Agency: United States Railway Association: Appropriation for 227, 1204 Additional funds 1464 Authorization of funds 289 Appropriation for 212, 1780 United States Army Command and G e n Northeast Corridor project completion, eral Staff College, degree of master of cooperation 1527 military a r t and science, requirements 407 Report i n g date, extension 1464 United States Attorney for the District of United States Secret Service, appropriaColumbia, District of Columbia Camtion for 213,225,616 paign Finance Reform and Conflict United States Soldiers' and Airmen's of Interest Act, prosecution of vioHome, appropriation for 219, 1651 lations '. 455, 470 United States Space Week: United States Attorneys and Marshals, Designation OAQQ appropriation for 1192 Proclamation 2493 United States Civil Service Commission. United States Tariff Commission: See Civil Service Commission, United Appropriation for 229, 1206 States. N a m e changed to United States I n t e r United States Coast Guard. See Coast national Trade Commission 2009 Guard, United States. United States Courts. See Courts, United United States Tax Court, appropriation 215 for. States. NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1362; Part 2 cont^ns pages 1363--2645.