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[88 STAT. 179]
[88 STAT. 179]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975

88 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 93-294-MAY 31, 1974


"(2) For a warrant officer who is qualified under subsection (a) of this section: "Monthly rate: $100 $110 $200

Years of aviation 'service as an offlcer 2 or less. Over 2. Over 6.

For the purposes of clauses (1) and ('2) of this subsection, the temi.^"'^^^°" ^" 'aviation service' means the service performed, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary concerned, by an officer, and the years of aviation service are computed beginning with the effective date of the initial order to perform aviation service. "(c) In time of war, the President may suspend the payment of ^^^/s'l^pension. aviation career incentive pay. " (d) Under regulations prescribed by the President and to the extent provided for by appropriations, when a member of a reserve component of a uniformed service, or of the National Guard, who is entitled to compensation under section 206 of this title, performs, 37 USC 206. under orders, duty described in subsection (a) of this section for members entitled to basic pay, he is entitled to an increase in compensation equal to 1/30 of the monthly incentive pay authorized by subsection (b)(1) or (2) of this section, as the case may be, for the performance of that duty by a member of corresponding years of aviation or officer service, as appropriate, who is entitled to basic pay. Such member is entitled to the increase for as long as he is qualified for it, for each regular period of instruction, or period of appropriate duty, at which he is engaged for at least two hours, including that performed on a Sunday or holiday, or for the performance of such other equivalent training, instruction, duty or appropriate duties, as the Secretary may prescribe under section 206(a) of this title. This subsection does not apply to a member who is entitled to basic pay under section 204 of this title. c "(e) The Secretary of Defense shall report to Congress before Report to July 1 each year the number of rated members by pay grade who— ongress. "(1) have 12 or 18 years of aviation service, and of those numbers, the number who are entitled to continuous monthly incentive pay under subsection (a) of this section; and "(2) are performing operational flying duties, proficiency flying, and those not performing flying duties.". SEC. 3. Section 716 of the Department of Defense Appropriation Proficiency Act, 1973 (86 Stat. 1199), and section 715 of the Department of "'""^* Defense Appropriation Act, 1974 (87 Stat. 1041), are each amended by striking out the last sentence. SEC. 4. Notwithstanding the amendments made by this Act, an Hazardous duty officer who was entitled to incentive pay under section 301(a)(1) ^^37 USC 301a of title 37, United States Code, on May 31, 1973, or on the day before notethe effective date of this Act, if otherwise qualified on the day before " «» P- 177. the effective date of this Act, is entitled to monthly incentive pay as prescribed in either clause (1) or (2) of this section, as follows: (1) If he is credited with 6 or less years of aviation service as an officer, and with less than 12 years of service as an officer, he is entitled to monthly incentive pay either—