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[88 STAT. 499]
[88 STAT. 499]
PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1975


PUBLIC LAW 93-380-AUG. 21, 1974

88 STAT. ]

priated, except that entitlements under such part B shall be taken into consideration only to the extent that appropriations for such title I (excluding part C thereof) exceed $1,396,975,000 for any fiscal year and such entitlements shall not exceed $50,000,000 in any fiscal year. The allocation of a local educational agency which would be reduced under the preceding sentence to less than 85 per centum of its allocation under part A for the preceding fiscal year, shall be increased to such amount, the total of the increases thereby required bein^ derived by proportionately reducing the allocations of the remaining local educational agencies, under the preceding sentence, but with such adjustments as may be necessary to prevent the allocation to any remaining local educational agency from being thereby reduced to less than 85 per centum of its allocation for such year. If the aggregate of the amounts to which all States are entitled under such part B exceeds $50,000,000 the entitlement of each State shall be reduced ratably until such aggregate does not exceed $50,000,000 in such fiscal year.". (8) Section 150 of such title I is redesignated as section 152, and such title I is further amended by adding immediately after section 149 the following: new sections: "ALLOCATION







p. 495,

20 USC 241c

20 USC 241a note.


"SEC. 150. (a) For any fiscal year not more than 20 local educational agencies selected for the purpose of section 821(a)(5) of the Education Amendments of 1974 may elect, with the approval of the districtwide parent advisory council which is required to be established under section 141(a) (14) of this title, to allocate funds received from payments under this title on the basis of a method or combination of methods other than the method provided under section 141(a)(1)(A). Any method selected pursuant to this section shall be so designed and administered as to be free from racial or cultural discrimination. "(b) Any local educational agency to which this section applies shall submit such reports to the Director of the National Institute of Education at such time and in such manner as the Director may reasonably require to carry out his responsibilities under section 821(a)(5) of the Education Amendments of 1974. ((PROGRAM


20 USC 241n. Post,

p. 599.

Ante, p. 4 9 7. Ante,

p. 496.

Reports to Director of the National Institute of Education.


"SEC. 151. (a) The Commissioner shall provide for independent evaluations which describe and measure the impact of programs and projects assisted under this title. Such evaluations may be provided by contract or other arrangements, and all such evaluations shall be made by competent and independent persons, and shall include, whenever possible, opinions obtained from program or project participants about the strengths and weaknesses of such programs or projects. " (b) The Commissioner shall develop and publish standards for evaluation of program or project effectiveness in achieving the objectives of this title. "(c) The Commissioner shall, where appropriate, consult with State agencies in order to provide for jointly sponsored objective evaluation studies of programs and projects assisted under this title within a State. " (d) The Commissioner shall provide to State educational agencies, models for evaluations of all programs conducted under this title, for their use in carrying out their functions under section 143(a), which shall include uniform procedures and criteria to be utilized by local

20 USC 2410.

20 USC 241g.